Ode to franchises of yesteryear

royrogersREVPeople have strong feelings about their favorite dishes from restaurant chains. I am thankful to all those who poured their hearts out on the subject on Jane & Michael Stern’s ever-fascinating Roadfood forums. I have excerpted the following wistful memories from “Long-gone regional franchises” which took on a life of its own and ran for years. After each snippet is the pertinent chain restaurant.

— The burgers were awesome, the onion rings superb and the soda cold. [Charco’s]

— Oh, those hot dogs steamed in beer. [Lums]

— Loved those frosty mugs of root beer and Big Boy hamburgers! [A&W]

— I went for the Ollie Burger. They bought the sauce from “Ollie’s Trolley.” [Lums]

— Shrimp salad. Chili spaghetti size. Navy bean soup. [Bob’s Big Boy]

— Frothy orange drinks and orange chili dogs. [Orange Julius]

— Tuesday night 10-cent “Coney Island Dogs.” [A&W]

— Orange colored cheese on their cheeseburgers, not the pale yellow stuff of today. [Wetson’s]

king'sFoodHostsign— The Cheese Frenchies were unique. [King’s Food Host]

— They also had a Tuna Frenchie, a Hot Dog Frenchie. [King’s Food Host]

— Greasy fish and plank-style chips. [Arthur Treacher’s]

— Orange drink with pulp in it. Tuna sandwiches. What fast food chain would have a tuna sandwich today? [Chock Full O’Nuts]

— How exotic it was to have a sandwich on a bagel. [Bagel Nosh]

— Good hot dogs. Never touched, cooks used plastic gloves. [Chock Full O’Nuts]

— My first straight cut fry. [Wetson’s]

— I remember eating and loving my first Apple Fritter there! [Hamburg Heaven]

— Coffee and Apple Fritters (hush-puppy shaped apples in dough, deep-fried and powdered sugar coated). [Dutch Pantry]

bobsbigboyREV— Pickles, diced onion, relish, mustard, ketchup and mayo were all available. [25 Cent Hamburger]

— Yummmm. A cheeseburger with ham and barbecue sauce. [Roy Rogers]

— Broasted chicken and french fries with a sweet sauce to die for. [Arctic Circle]

— I can remember stopping in for a soft drink and a basket of crumbs. [Squire Jacks]

— Ketchup was free. The fries weren’t like the “wavy,” half-fried or quick fried potatoes of today’s ilk. [Toot ‘n Tell]

— I haven’t had the heart to stop in and see if they still had Strawberry Pie. [Big Boy]


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6 responses to “Ode to franchises of yesteryear

  1. Arctic Circle still exists.

  2. Bob Triplett

    What ever happened to the Tuna Frenchie? We used to eat them back in the 60’s in Omaha Nebraska. Oh to bring back the old days. Does anybody remember Shaky’s Pizza?

  3. We went to Dutch Pantry on our Honeymoon…
    long ago! The London Broil was delicious!

  4. jayhawkroy

    I worked at King’s Food Host while in college and always appreciated King’s Food Host as an employer. Every employee accrued vacation tme from Day One. I remember new menu additions such as the fried chicken dinners that we implemented while I was there (1970 or so).

    Griff’s is another regional chain (MO/KS) that bit the dust.

  5. I’m singing…Thanks for the memories…

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