Afro-Americans and restaurants


Whenever I write a post I try to take into account the differing restaurant experiences of black and white Americans, so that theme shows up fairly often in my posts. Listed below are seven posts I’ve written that are specifically devoted to Afro-Americans and restaurants.

The first post, A black man walked into a restaurant and …, was inspired by something Obama said about discrimination in restaurants in his first inaugural address.

CafeinTexasThis post, Anatomy of a restaurant family: the Downings, is about a proud and prominent black family of the 19th century.

Little is known about most black women who worked in and ran restaurants, but I tried to find all I could for In the kitchen with Madame Early.

To balance my first post about discrimination I concentrated on protests against racial discrimination in restaurants with Righting civil wrongs in restaurants.

A little known aspect of black history as well as the history of tearooms is covered in African-American tea rooms.

blackmenhamburgerstandThis post, Service with a smile, somehow, was inspired by a recent film about the emotional labor performed by a black waiter in a Southern restaurant.

Restaurant history day is mainly about a notoriously racist restaurant in the suburb where I grew up.

Recently I have been researching the plight of black headwaiters whose livelihood was being threatened in the early 20th century.

Since writing this I have added quite a few posts on the subject of race and racism in restaurants. Here is a list beginning where this post left off:

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