“Biblical” restaurants

This week an unknown person found my blog by searching for “restaurants in the bible.” I found this humorous because, needless to say, I am 99.99999% certain there are no restaurants mentioned in the bible.

I wondered why a search engine would have directed this person to my site. Could it be because of a post I published in 2017 called Christian restaurant-ing?

Since I found it funny, I went to Facebook and posted a note about the search term.

Next thing I knew, my clever friends had started inventing imaginative names for biblical restaurants. Here they are in alphabetical order:

The Ark

Calvary (not very popular, limited cuisine)

The Last Supper Bar & Grille

The Last Supper Club

Loaves and Fishes

Manna Nirvana

Mary and Martha’s Place

Not Just Another Room at the Inn

Olive Garden

Olive Garden of Eden

Olives of Gethsemane

The Stable, a Family Restaurant

Suspicious Fish

3 Wise Guys Pizzeria

12 Hungry Men

Water & Wine

Do you have any ideas for names?

© Jan Whitaker, 2021


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11 responses to ““Biblical” restaurants

  1. Michellebeth

    Garden of Eatin’, which is a real brand of natural and organic foods.

  2. Marty Oppenheim

    The Biblical Buffet

  3. There is a very popular fancy prepared food shop here in East Hampton named Loaves and Fishes. They also have a gourmet cookware store.

  4. Ann Lemons Pollack

    Jan, there was for many years a restaurant called Noah’s Ark in St. Charles, MO, just south of the very first length of interstate highway ever, I-70. Much larger-than-life fiberglass animals could be seen on the decks of the boat-shaped building. Easily Googlable, if you want to pursue.

  5. TGI Friday’s? (Although the original version would have been Sunday.)

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