Conferencing: global gateways

I’m looking forward to being at the Global Gateways and Local Connections conference in New York later this month. The conference is for members of three organizations: the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society; the Society for Anthropology of Food and Nutrition; and the one I belong to which is the Association for the Study of Food and Society.

The conference hosts, New York University and the New School, have helped plan four days packed with fascinating panels as well as tours of markets, food producers, restaurants, and library collections. Not surprisingly given my interests, I’ll be joining a walking tour of the multi-faceted Eataly and another of library culinary collections at NYU and the New York Public Library.

I’m very eager to meet everyone on my panel and to hear their papers. I will talk about “How 20th-century Wars Shaped American Restaurants.” Andrew Haley (author of the James Beard prize winning book on the history of American restaurants, Turning the Tables) will present “From Prune Whip to Mac and Cheese: Children, Diet and the Restaurant in the Mid-20th Century. Nic Mink’s paper is “The Machine in the Culinary Garden: Technological Change and the Transformation of the Quick Service Restaurant Industry.” And Isil Celimli-Inaltong will talk about “The Increasing Significance of the Chef in the Culinary Field.”

Should be great!


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3 responses to “Conferencing: global gateways

  1. I always enjoy Restaurant-ing through history. The enjoyment is constant but the reasons vary. I loved the recent one on French peas and peas in restaurants. And this time you have introduced me to three organizations I had not heard of but will follow. As a historian of technology, and former director of the Centre for Society, Technology and Values at the University of Waterloo, I am intrigued by all of them particularly the Association for the Study of Food and Society. And yes, I too would like to read copies of whatever is available. I expect I’ll find the same quality of research and writing my wife and I keep praising in a book we are both reading, namely Jan Whitaker, The World of Department Stores.

  2. Tom Byg

    WOW!…how can I get digital copies of the presentations???
    What a great event!

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