Between courses: keep out of restaurants

betweencoursestext1A “faux” want-ad for a young clerk, allegedly placed by “Iscariot Grasp, 1 Brokers’ Alley,” was published in New York in 1849. It represents a humorous take on Puritanical notions of morality of that time. Evidently an upstanding young man then was supposed to confine his dining to home. If he wanted the clerk job he had to promise to reside with his parents and not to frequent “oyster-cellars, porter-houses, theatres, balls, ten-pin alleys, billiard rooms, sweat-boards [a dice game], raffles for poultry or game, restaurants, confectioners, steam-boats, Coney-Island, Rockaway or Saratoga.”


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  1. “Bringing History to Life” at the Blue Parrot Tearoom and Boutique, is our theme. Our logo and name is taken from the 1925 Blue Parrot Tea House then located in Missoula, MT, 27 miles from our present tearoom, where we educate and entertain at many tea events, Victorian balls, and special interest Victorian clubs, offering period gifts and clothing in our boutique, Jan’s book has book on the tearoom craze and been very enlightening and fun to read.

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