Dining with “Us Mortals”

From 1917 until 1955, W. E. Hill (William Ely Hill) created weekly panels of cartoons for newspapers under the overarching title “Among Us Mortals.” They featured ordinary people going about their business in public settings – always in ways that revealed their foibles. Clearly he was a sharp observer of people who possessed a wry sense of humor. His project – a “romance of the commonplace” – has been compared to that of Charles Dickens. I began “collecting” his images when I noticed that his observations often took place in restaurants.

Summer People, 1937

The Age of Hurry, 1939

Quick Lunches, 1941

Summer Tea Room, 1946

A Waiter’s Headaches, 1955

Where They Lunch, 1955

Where They Lunch, 1955


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7 responses to “Dining with “Us Mortals”

  1. I’ve never eaten at a tea room or even a drugstore lunch counter even though presumably they were still around during my (1950s/1960s) childhood. The closest would have been the department store cafes…maybe even called tea rooms then?

  2. Another great post! I knew nothing about this.

  3. Kathryn McKeen

    I feel as though I were sitting at the next table!

  4. Kathryn McKeen

    These are marvelous! I particularly like the girls from the auditing department….

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