2016, a recap


It has been a great blog year. After 8½ years and 381 posts, it’s nice to report that my blog is still growing. I’ve accepted that it won’t ever be a blockbuster, but I am cheered that I get more readers all the time. 2016 also stands out for including my best day ever as measured in page views, doubling the total from my last best day. And 34 posts, many of them old ones, got more than 1,000 views this year.

I hear from a lot of readers via e-mail, many of whom have information about a restaurant I’ve written about or ideas for future topics. Some of them are doing their own research. Recently I heard from an author in France asking about restaurants that provided customers with telephones at their tables. I’m always happy to share my sources with them, though of course I can’t perform individual research.

Warm thank-yous to all my readers, subscribers, commenters, linkers, and likers. Happily, only one post I’ve written has attracted trolls. I am perfectly willing to approve comments that disagree with my slant on things or correct mistakes, but I don’t accept hostile comments that attack me or another reader. Nonetheless, thanks to trolls for boosting my stats!

It’s heartening to see that many of my old posts still have power to attract readers, such as the ones on parsley, uncomfortable seating, or the buying power of a nickel. Posts on once-beloved restaurants such as Wolfies in Miami and Miss Hulling’s in St. Louis continue to draw thousands of readers each year.

What’s coming up? More books are being written on the history of restaurants, so expect to see reviews of Ten Restaurants That Changed America (Paul Freedman), Restaurant Republic (Kelly Erby), and Dining Out in Boston (James C. O’Connell). And my list of ideas for future posts never shrinks — in fact it’s longer than ever. There are quite a few in the pipeline, such as restaurant fashions for women diners, The Bakery in Chicago, and the 19th century’s cheapest-of–cheap eateries.

Wishing everyone happy restaurant-ing and a good new year.



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14 responses to “2016, a recap

  1. Lori

    I just discovered your blog and love it. I’m reading every post, in reverse chronological order. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the breadth of topics, the history of how tea rooms and restaurants became central to women entering public life, and the engaging writing that transports the reader to a particular place and time.

  2. joy

    ‘Blockbuster’ or not, your blog remains my favorite on the net ❤

  3. Thanks to everyone who has left a sweet comment — so lovely!

  4. Besimple

    I enjoy your blog immensely and have read every post in the last year. Congratulations and thanks for your excellent work!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks Jan. Even if I don’t get to see you as often as I’d like, I do love reading and being educated by your blog. Happy New Year with love to you & Barton🎉

  6. Jim skelly

    Happy New Year Jan. Keep up the great articles!

  7. Jerry

    Thank you immensely for your dedication to this project and for producing the emails I always look forward to opening.

  8. Kate Kelly

    Hi Jan, You said all this perfectly. Readers make us better writers, and it is gratifying to see that most of the stories get “legs” of their own. Congratulations on work well done!

  9. and thank you, Jan! I so look forward to Sunday nights because they are restaurant-ing nights. all best for 2017. patricia >

  10. susie walker coit williams

    Happy New Year to you as well. I love reading your blog!

    On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 11:13 AM, Restaurant-ing through history wrote:

    > victualling posted: ” It has been a great blog year. After 8½ years and > 381 posts, it’s nice to report that my blog is still growing. I’ve accepted > that it won’t ever be a blockbuster, but I am cheered that I get more > readers all the time. 2016 also stands out for includin” >

  11. eaglgrp@aol.com

    Jan, Thanks for the book, the reviews, etc.. Love reading your stuff and the nostalgia. Best to you in 2017. Darrell DuBois (The Parkmoor)

  12. Bruce

    Wishing you a happy new year Jan!

    Always enjoy reading your blog and many thanks for your efforts.

    A suggested topic, if not already covered, is hospital restaurants, a special interest of mine since I used to be the manager of one in London.

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