Here is an assortment of recipes for popular foods from famous restaurants of the past. Please note that I have not tested them. Temperatures are Fahrenheit. At times the recipes can be maddeningly vague, incomplete, or just plain strange. Please let me know of other restaurant recipes or — for any daring cooks and bakers — how you fare with these.

Maxim’s (Chicago) Poires Helene

With the woodwork, lamps, china, and all the other furnishings from France needed to recreate Paris’s “La Belle Epoque” in Chicago, came eight chefs trained by Maxim’s in Paris to produce elegant dishes such as Entrecotes Bercy and Flan de Carottes. One of their fanciest deserts was Poires Helene, stuffed pears covered in chocolate. This recipe was printed in the Milwaukee Sentinel in 1963. Do you know how to powder almonds?
6 large ripe pears
1/4 cup butter
½ cup powdered almonds
1 cup granulated sugar
4 oz cooking chocolate
1 pint vanilla ice cream
drop of vanilla
1 tsp lemon juice
6 leaves of marzipan
Peel and core pears. Poach them for about 10 minutes in one-half cup sugar and one cup water with the lemon juice and a drop of vanilla until they are tender but still firm. Let cool in the syrup. Make chocolate sauce by melting the chocolate in four cups of water and two tablespoons of sugar. Bring to a boil and remove from fire. Mix the butter with the powered almonds and one-quarter cup of sugar to make a butter cream. Fill the pears with this mixture. Line a crystal bowl with the ice cream, standing the pears upright on the ice cream. Pour the chocolate sauce over it and top each pear with a marzipan leaf.

Maxwell Plum’s Chili con Carne

maxwell'spluminterior6James Beard was fond of Maxwell’s Plum. He thought the restaurant was unique in being enormous yet having “really first-class food and service.” Beard denied being a food snob and said he liked the Plum’s chili just as much as most of their fancy dishes. Here is the recipe he published in his syndicated column in 1973. It starts with dried beans – I’d be strongly tempted to substitute canned. Serves 10 to 12.
2 lb dried red kidney beans
4 large onions
2 cloves
2 green peppers
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp oil
4 or 5 cloves garlic
5 lb ground beef
1 lb ground pork
4 tbsp chili power
35-oz can Italian plum tomatoes
2 7-oz cans tomato paste
1 tbsp salt
1½ tsp freshly ground black pepper
2 tsp oregano
2 tsp ground cumin
2 bay leaves
½ tsp tabasco
½ cup chopped parsley
3 to 4 cups beef stock
Cover red kidney beans with boiling water and soak overnight. The next day cook beans in the liquid with 1 large onion stuck with cloves. Drain, reserving liquid. Saute remaining onions, chopped, and green peppers, seeded and chopped, in butter and oil until just golden. Add garlic cloves and cook 2 minutes, then add ground beef and pork and cook until browned, breaking up meat with wooden spoon. Stir in chili power and cook 5 minutes. Add plum tomatoes, tomato paste, salt and pepper, oregano, cumin, bay leaves, tabasco, parsley, and enough beef stock to just cover the meat. Simmer for 2½ hours, taste and correct seasoning, then mix in the beans and bring to a boil. If the chili is too thick, add a little of the bean liquid.

Brown Hotel’s Hot Brown Sandwich

It is said that the open-face sandwich was invented by a chef at the Louisville hotel in the 1920s, though I’ve searched and can find no mention of it anywhere until 1965. Usually the recipe appeared in newspapers during Derby week or as an solution to turkey leftovers. I used to go with friends to a St. Louis hotel once a year when we all ordered the dish, which I loved. The recipe below, coming from a latter-day chef at Brown Hotel, is said to be the original. There are many variations, some with cheddar cheese, some with tomato, mushrooms, ham, and so on. In fact I saw one using canned mushroom soup. Don’t do that. Makes four servings.
6 tbsp butter
6 tbsp flour
3 cups milk
½ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
1 egg, beaten
S & P to taste
½ cup unsweetened whipped cream
8 slices crustless white toast
1 lb sliced turkey breast
grated parmesan for topping
8 crisp bacon slices
Fry bacon and drain, and toast bread; set aside. Over medium heat, melt butter; gradually add flour, stirring constantly until smooth. Gradually stir in milk until sauce comes to a gentle boil, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, add parmesan cheese and stir until melted. In a small bowl beat egg; gradually add one cup of hot sauce, 1/3 cup at a time, stirring constantly. Gradually add egg mixture to remaining sauce, stirring until well blended. Add S & P and fold in whipped cream. On each fireproof dish place two slices toast, top with turkey, and pour sauce over generously. Place dishes under broiler until sauce bubbles and begins to brown. Place two slices of bacon over each serving.

Longchamps’ Petite Marmite, Henry IV

In the 1954 Longchamps Cookbook by Max Winkler, president of the chain since 1948 but an executive since 1926, says that this dish was on the menu every day. He stresses the importance of using quality ingredients and making soup stocks from scratch. Undoubtedly many medium-priced restaurants would take shortcuts if they made this dish today.
2 carrots, diced
2 white turnips, diced
1 stalk celery, diced
2 leeks, diced
½ head green cabbage, cut into small cubes
1 cup shelled green peas
2 quarts clear consommé (Longchamps made theirs from chicken or beef stock, lean beef, chicken bones, onions, celery, leeks, carrot, tomatoes, garlic, egg whites, and seasonings)
½ lb lean beef, cubed
1/4 lb cooked white meat of chicken, cubed
2 bunches chives, chopped
Marrow from beef bone
Dash Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper
Parmesan cheese, grated
Parboil carrots, turnips, celery, leeks, cabbage, and peas for 5 minutes. Rinse in cold water. Add clear consommé, beef, and chicken. Simmer for 1½ hours. Add chives, marrow, and Worcestershire. Season to taste. Serve boiling hot, with Parmesan cheese. Makes 6 cups.

Wolfie’s Cheesecake

In 1959 the head chef of Wolfie’s shared the restaurants’ cheesecake recipe with the public. It was especially popular with late-night guests – both Wolfie’s on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach were open all night. Wolfie’s also supplied whole cheesecakes (3 inches high) from its bakery in plain, pineapple, cherry, strawberry, and chocolate varieties. You may find this recipe disconcertingly vague at the end.
1½ lb cream cheese
5 oz sugar (just under 3/4 cup)
1 oz cornstarch (= 3 tbsp plus ½ tsp)
3 eggs
Work cream cheese with fork until soft. Add sugar and cornstarch and blend until smooth. Add eggs one at a time. Pour into round baking pan set in a large pan of water. Bake in pre-heated oven at 450° until brown on top. Then turn down oven to 350°. Test with fork for doneness.

Marshall Field’s Potato Flour Muffins

During the First World War, caterers were strongly urged to reduce the use of wheat in their recipes. In Chicago, the Marshall Field department store began serving muffins made from potato flour in its restaurants. The wheatless muffins, rather than being seen as a hardship, became a much-loved staple still on the menu in the 1940s, maybe longer.
5 egg whites
2½ tsp sugar
½ tsp salt
2½ tbsp ice water
3 egg yolks, slightly beaten
1 cup potato flour
2 tsp baking powder
Beat sugar and salt into egg whites until stiff but not dry. Gradually add ice water. Add egg yolks. Sift flour and baking powder and add to mixture. Mix thoroughly and place in greased muffin tins. Bake in 400° oven for 20 minutes. Makes 8 muffins.

Miss Hulling’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake

This was a Monday special at the Miss Hulling’s Cafeterias in St. Louis. The recipe was adapted for home use by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It doesn’t sound that good to me, but I’ve heard otherwise from a reader who used to patronize Miss Hulling’s.

8 oz package egg noodles
1 lb lean ground beef
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp salt
1/8 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp garlic salt
8 oz can tomato sauce
1 cup cream-style cottage cheese
1 cup dairy sour cream
1 cup chopped green onions
1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
Cook noodles, rinse, and drain. Brown beef in butter and drain grease. Add salt, pepper, garlic salt, and tomato sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes. Combine cottage cheese, sour cream, chopped green onions, and cooked noodles. In a greased 2-quart casserole dish, alternate layers of noodle mixture and meat mixture, ending with meat. Top with shredded cheese and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes, until cheese is browned. Makes 8 servings.

Miss Hulling’s German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting

The following Miss Hulling’s recipe is for German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting. It was included in the 1969 cookbook Come Home to Miss Hulling’s.
4 oz. sweet cooking chocolate
½ cup boiling water
1 cup butter
2 cups sugar
4 eggs, separated
1 tsp vanilla
2½ cups cake flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 cup buttermilk
½ cup evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
1 cup butter
1 cup shredded or flake coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
1 tsp vanilla
Melt chocolate in boiling water. Cool. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks, one at a time, beating after each addition. Add vanilla and chocolate mixture and mix until blended. Sift flour, soda and salt. Add alternately with the buttermilk, mixing after each addition until batter is smooth. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into three 9-inch round, greased and floured pans. Bake at 350° for 35 to 40 minutes, or until done. Cool on a wire rack. For frosting, blend milk, sugar, egg yolks and butter in a saucepan and cook over low heat, starring constantly until mixture thickens, about ten minutes. Remove from heat, add coconut, pecans, and vanilla, and beat until cool and of spreading consistency. This amount will cover tops of three 9-inch layers. Do not frost sides of cake.

London Chop House Roqueburger

Chef Pancho gave this recipe to Poppy Cannon in 1963 and she included it in her column The Fast Gourmet. According to Poppy these cheeseburgers were the “topic of much conversation, comment and curiosity” and were among the favorite menu items at both the Chop House and the Caucus Club. Make sure your cardiologist is on standby.
2½ lb ground beef (the Chop House ground their own prime aged beef trimmings)
2 eggs
2 tbsp finely chopped onion
1 tbsp finely chopped parsley
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 lb Roquefort or blue cheese
4 tbsp butter
1 tbsp cognac
Combine ground beef, eggs, onion, parsley, salt and pepper and form into 12 patties, each ½ inch thick. For the filling, blend the cheese, butter, and cognac until smooth and form into 6 balls. Place each ball between 2 patties, pressing edges together firmly. Broil 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until the desired doneness is reached. Makes 6 burgers.

Salmon Mousse from Alice’s Restaurant

This recipe was used at the second Alice’s Restaurant on Route 183 in Stockbridge. Hard to believe that this was a take-out item. Fat content and canned salmon aside, let’s all bow our heads to those 1970s hippie cooks!
3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
3 tbsp chopped raw onion
1 envelope gelatin
½ cup of boiling water
Put all of the above into a blender and mix on high speed for one minute, adding:
½ cup mayonnaise
½ tbsp paprika
1 tbsp chopped dill seed
1 lb can salmon, drained
Dash Tabasco
Blend on high speed for one minute, adding 1 cup of heavy cream. Blend again for a few seconds. Refrigerate 3 or 4 hours. Put in mold or use as dip. Makes one quart.

automatcroppedThe Automat’s Creamed Spinach

Despite its hard surfaces and seemingly dehumanized method of delivering food, the Automat was regarded by its patrons as a comforting place to enjoy homelike food. Included in the wonderfully illustrated book The Automat, by Lorraine B. Diehl and Marianne Hardart, are recipes for familiar favorites such as baked beans, chicken potpie, and mashed potatoes.
1 lb spinach, washed and drained but not dried
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1½ tbsp flour
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white pepper
Add washed spinach to large pan over medium heat and cook covered about 5 minutes until thoroughly wilted. Remove from heat, cool, and chop. Set aside. Meanwhile, melt butter in medium saucepan over low heat; add flour gradually, whisking continuously and cook 1 to 2 minutes until smooth mixture forms. Continue to whisk while adding milk and cook 3 to 5 minutes until thickened. Add cooked spinach and salt and pepper, blending well. Serves 4.

Filene’s Thousand Island Dressing

In the early 1920s Filene’s department store in Boston issued a 38-page booklet called “A Few Favorite Dishes from The Filene Restaurant.” This salad dressing was included, as were chop suey, chicken a la king, and maple layer pie. Be prepared to mince.
1 tbsp minced onion
1 tbsp minced dill pickle
1 tbsp minced beet
1 hardboiled egg, minced
Sprinkle of minced chives
1 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp chili sauce 1½ tsp Worcestershire sauce

Schrafft’s Hot Butterscotch Sauce

Being a candy store as well as a restaurant, Schrafft’s made its own ice cream sauces. This recipe is one of 45 included in When Everybody Ate at Schrafft’s, by Joan Kanel Slomanson.
1 stick butter
1 cup brown sugar
½ cup light corn syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ cup heavy cream
Combine butter, sugar, and corn syrup in medium saucepan. Cook, stirring, just until the mixture gets thick and smooth. Remove from heat, stir in heavy cream and vanilla, and serve over ice cream. (I’d guess this makes a little more than a cup.)

Tarello’s Spaghetti a la Rustica

A simple 1950s recipe from Philadelphia’s Tarello’s, once located at 1623 Chestnut, illustrated by a charming painting by Jerome Kaplan.


Crème Vichyssoise à la Maramor

At The Maramor in Columbus OH Mary McGuckin perfected a vichyssoise without its characteristic ingredients, potatoes and leeks. And yet fans said it was better than the Waldorf’s.
5½ cups carrots, thinly sliced
4 cups chicken broth
3 tbsp raw rice
1 pint whole milk
1 pint light cream
1 tsp onion juice
3/8 tsp mace
2 bay leaves
3 drops tabasco
1/4 tsp Worcestershire
Salt to taste
1½ tsp minced chives, as garnish
Place carrots in a stew pan with chicken broth and rice; cook at slow boil 25 to 30 minutes, stirring now and then until done. Cool, press through coarse sieve to make 1 quart of puree, adding water if necessary. Set aside to cool. Combine milk, cream, seasonings and heat to just under boiling. Cool. Remove bay leaves; combine with carrot-chicken base. Pour into an earthen crock or large bowl; chill in the refrigerator. Serve in chilled cups, topping each with sprinkling of chives. Serves 6.

The Trident’s Cappuccino Sausalito

What better way was there to finish off one of the Trident’s shredded steak omelettes with brown rice on the side than with a cappuccino? To bring back memories, while gazing at San Francisco Bay try sipping this and imagining you are listening to the Kingston Trio live. Take a taxi back home.
1 cup brewed espresso or extra-strong coffee
1 qt half & half
1 tbsp vanilla
4 tbsp honey
1 tbsp cocoa
6 oz brandy
4 oz rum
5 oz Kahlua or dark Creme de Cocao
½ oz Galliano
Whipped cream and chocolate shavings
Combine espresso, half & half, vanilla, honey, and cocoa. Heat until almost boiling. Set aside and keep warm. Mix together the brandy, rum, Kahlua and Galliano. In a 6½ oz glass pour 4 oz cappuccino mixture and 1 oz liquor mixture. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Makes about 11 servings.

Pig’n Whistle Cheese Cake

Pig’n Whistle was a chain of California candy store restaurants which began in San Francisco in 1910. Like coffee shops, Pig’n Whistles were open from early in the morning until midnight. In the 1930s, the decade this recipe dates from, the chain did all its own baking.
1 lb dry, fine cottage cheese
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
½ tsp vanilla
Pinch salt
2 lemons, grated and juiced
½ pt whipping cream
6 egg yolks
6 egg whites
Zweiback or plain cookies, and butter for crust
Mix cheese, flour and salt thoroughly, add grated lemon and juice and half the sugar. Add egg yolks gradually and finally the vanilla. Beat the cream stiff and fold into mixture. Then whip the six whites solid. First add the remainder of the sugar and then fold the whites into the rest of the batter. For crust, grate zweibach or cookies, dampen with melted butter and add a little cinnamon; line heavily buttered mold with mixture. Fill mold nearly to top and sprinkle with zweiback crumbs which have been flavored with cinnamon. Bake in 350° oven for 30 minutes.

L. S. Ayres’ Chicken Velvet Soup

This well-loved soup was featured in the Indianapolis department store’s tea room. The recipe came from the 1975 Better Homes and Gardens “Recipes from Famous Places.”
6 tbsp butter
6 tbsp all-purpose flour
½ cup milk
½ cup light cream
3 cups chicken broth
1 cup finely chopped cooked chicken
Dash pepper
Melt butter in saucepan. Blend in flour, then stir in milk, light cream, and chicken broth. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture thickens and comes to a boil. Reduce heat. Stir in finely chopped chicken and dash of pepper. Return soup to boiling and serve immediately. Makes about 5 cups.

Miss Dutton’s Baked Swordfish with Herb Butter

In 1952, on the 40th anniversary of her popular Green Room Restaurant and Coffee Shop in Providence RI, Flora Dutton issued a leaflet with 10 recipes often requested by her guests.
3/4 lb swordfish steak, 3 inches thick
½ tsp mustard
For sauce, combine:
½ cup finely chopped parsley
1 tbsp chopped dill or chives
2 tbsp lemon juice
½ cup melted butter
Rub mustard on top and bottom of steak; salt and pepper. Brown in bacon fat or butter and then bake in frying pan or casserole at 400° for about 9 minutes, basting frequently with butter or drippings. Serve with sauce.

Trader Vic’s “Scorpion”

Around 1961 when a Vic’s opened in Washington’s Statler Hotel, this was considered quite an exotic drink. Serves 12.
1½ bottles Puerto Rican rum
2 oz gin
2 oz brandy
16 oz lemon juice
8 oz orange juice
8 oz orgeat (almond flavoring)
2 sprigs mint
½ bottle white wine
Mix thoroughly, pour over cracked ice and let stand 2 hours, adding more ice. Serve in brandy snifter or bowl with gardenias floating in it. Give your guests extra-long straws. (Ok, I admit it, the vessel pictured here is from The Kahiki.)

Ruby Chow’s Melon Soup

Ruby Chow’s Chinese Dinner Club was located on Broadway and Jefferson Streets in Seattle in the 1940s. I don’t know much about the restaurant’s history but was intrigued by this recipe.
1 lb Chinese melon, cut into bite size pieces
1 qt chicken stock
1/4 lb raw pork, diced
3 water chestnuts, peeled
1 egg
Bring stock to rapid boil in 2-quart saucepan. Add pork and sliced water chestnuts, cooking until pork is done. Add salt and melon. Boil 10 minutes, uncovered. Break egg into soup. Do not stir, leaving egg whole. Serve immediately.

Don the Beachcomber’s Cantonese Spareribs

This recipe is from the Hollywood Beachcomber at 1727 North McCadden Place ca. 1950. Better invite the whole clan because it sounds like it makes a lot.
2 sides pork spareribs
2 cups soy sauce
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp catsup
Trim ribs and marinate for an hour in mixture of soy sauce, sugar, salt, and catsup. Roast in 400° oven for about 30 minutes. Baste at least 3 times. Roasting time will vary depending on how thick the ribs are. Serve with barbecue sauce.

Brown Derby’s Hamburger de Luxe

A recipe from Derby owner Bob Cobb at the 1628 North Vine Street location in Hollywood ca. 1950.
2 lbs ground sirloin
1 raw egg
2 cups chicken broth
½ tsp English mustard
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp chicken fat
de Luxe Sauce:
2 cups brown sauce (canned or from beef roast)
1 tbsp English mustard
2 tsp Sauce Diable or A-1
1 tbsp Worcestershire
½ cup catsup
2 pats butter
Chopped parsley
Mix meat, egg, and broth, then add the other ingredients. Use one full coffee cup of the mixture for each burger. Boil sauce ingredients together, adding parsley. Pour sauce over hamburgers.

Higbee Muffins

Located on the 10th floor of Higbee’s department store in Cleveland, the Silver Grille hosted daily fashion shows and won accolades from Clevelanders and guidebook writer Duncan Hines. This recipe comes from The Higbee Company and the Silver Grille (Cleveland Landmark Press, 2001), which is out of print. However, Clevelanders may also be interested in another book published by the Landmark Press, Euclid Avenue: Cleveland’s Sophisticated Lady, 1920-1970, which contains 22 recipes from Halle’s and Stouffer’s.
3/4 cup shorteninghigbeegrillelogo2401
1 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
1 tsp salt
4 cups flour
2 tbsp baking powder
2 cups milk
3 egg whites, beaten
Cream shortening; add sugar and egg yolks, and cream well. Combine flour, salt, and baking powder, and add to mixture, alternating mixture with milk, only to moisten the batter. Gently fold in beaten eggs whites. Divide the batter into well-greased muffin tins and bake in 400° oven for 20 minutes. Makes 24 muffins.

Patricia Murphy’s Popovers

There were several Patricia Murphy locations: one at 60th Street, a huge place in Westchester, and another in Fort Lauderdale. In her 1961 autobiography Glow of Candlelight, Murphy gives the recipe for her famous popovers.
1/3 tsp butter
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup sifted flour
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 tbsp butter, melted
Put 1/3 tsp butter in each muffin pan or custard cup and heat in oven for 5 minutes while mixing batter. Sift flour and salt into bowl. Beat eggs with rotary beater, add milk and butter, beating only enough to make a smooth batter. Fill hot muffin pans or custard cups one-third full and bake in 450° oven for 30 minutes, then at 350° for 15 minutes or until firm, brown, and popped. Keep oven door closed while baking. Makes 6 large popovers or 9 small ones.

The Kahiki’s Beef Ka Tiki

The Kahiki opened in 1960 in Columbus, Ohio, and was an immediate success. This recipe was published in a professional restaurant journal in 1963. Personally, I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about the idea of boiling beef – or the catsup – or the sugar – or the cornstarch …

kahiki1½ lb lean beef, cut crossgrain and sliced
1½ lb chopped tomatoes
1 lb precooked green pepper, chopped
1 stalk of celery, chopped
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 cup tomato catsup
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
½ tsp seasoning powder
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in ½ cup water
Saute onion, garlic, meat in skillet. Add green pepper, tomato, celery, cornstarch mixture, catsup, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and seasoning. Bring to boil. Simmer until the water has been absorbed and the mixture thickened. Makes 4 servings.

The Aware Inn’s Swinger

This Los Angeles restaurant of the counterculture era was the sort of place that seemed as though it should have been vegetarian but wasn’t. The recipe comes from The L.A. Gourmet (1971).
3 lbs ground sirloin
2 cups minced onion
2 cups diced green pepper
2 cups chopped peeled tomatoes
½ cup chopped stuffed olives
3 cups shredded Cheddar
(the AI used Cheddar made from raw milk)
1½ tsp salt
Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and shape into six thick patties. Grill, broil, or pan-broil until desired doneness is attained and serve on toasted buns. Makes six hefty burgers.

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    The medical utility of identifying these mutations in pa- 337 338 medical phenotypes. We focus on counties eligible for Individual Assistance because of a serious disaster as a result of most Star Ratings measures are based on services provided directly to beneficiaries of their local area. A clear historical past of an IgE-mediated response means the drug ought to be avoided, until the affected person could be proven to be no longer allergic by formal pores and skin testing with validated reagents adopted by confirmatory drug challenge, or it is introduced utilizing a desensitisation protocol [url=] diabetes in dogs and exercise order glyburide without a prescription[/url]. A toxin’s lack of volatility is a very important property and makes them unlikely to produce either secondary or individual-to-person exposures, or a persistent environmental hazard. In sufferers who’re hospitalized or who these organisms predominantly involve the colon, the diar have a historical past of antibiotic exposure, a stool pattern should rhea is small in volume (lower than 1 L. Dose decreases by 25% to 50% should be made at any time to manage antagonistic occasions [url=] antibiotics for sinus and upper respiratory infections generic terramycin 250 mg mastercard[/url]. Characterization of pulsatile secretion and clearance of plasma cortisol in premature and term neonates using deconvolution analysis. However, documented more than forty years in the past within the hyperglycemic there may be evidence that insulin resistance is also current in setting (166). Following administration the injection web site have to be checked for spilt or leaked radionuclides by swabbing and checking the swab with a beta detector [url=] pulse pressure 93 100mg lasix mastercard[/url]. The nurse asks if you need to pan-culture the patient, start empiric antibiotics, write an order for acetaminophen and start cooling the patient. Appropriate nonsterile areas corresponding to colonic, vaginal, biliary, or respiratory remedy is to open the incision, carry out tradition, and begin mucosa may be caused by a mixture of aerobic and anaer antistaphylococcal therapy. Examination beneath anaesthesia is all the time mandatory for the prognosis and definition of fistula [url=] herbals wholesale order line geriforte syrup[/url].
    However, one limitation of this study is a lack of an intermediate publicity category, and due to this fact the shortcoming to look at the possibility of a dose-response relationship. H ow else canI elucidate to th e unpleasant R ate beliefineach th ough t C olumnB. Interspecies transmission of influenza viruses from gulls in the northern hemisphere [url=] erectile dysfunction doctor in hyderabad cheap cialis professional 40mg line[/url].

  4. Aside from meals, shoppers in fact use supplements corresponding to multivitamins to keep up balanced vitamin. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Final Report Page 103 Health Technology Assessment February 15, 2013. Osteoradionecrosis of the jaws as a side impact of radiotherapy of head and neck tumour patients – a report of a thirty year retrospective evaluation [url=] diabetes prevention 2013 buy duetact 16mg lowest price[/url].
    For a particular diagnosis, several extreme attacks of autonomic nervousness should have occurred inside a period of about 1 month: (a)in circumstances the place there isn’t a goal danger; (b)with out being confined to known or predictable conditions; and (c)with comparative freedom from nervousness signs between assaults (though anticipatory anxiety is frequent). When there may be an an infection, the number of this can improve considerably, beyond the roughly 50% it’s usually found at. The muscles in the surface initiate facial turn of phrase past inserting into the fell sort of than onto bone [url=] gastritis diet dog buy macrobid in india[/url]. Diarrhoea (adults) Dry eyes/sore tred eyes Illness Dry eye syndrome, or dry eye disease, is a standard condition that happens when the eyes do not make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too rapidly. A subsequent observational study of patients 18 sixty five years of age with first-episode psychosis confirmed that former common users of hashish who stopped after the onset of psychosis had probably the most beneficial a hundred sixty five illness course as regards to relapse. If a medial epicondyle avulsion fracture is suspected, it is very important assess the ulnar nerve, point tenderness of the medial epicondyle, swelling, ecchymosis, and valgus instability [url=] keratin smoothing treatment betoptic 5 ml overnight delivery[/url]. Recent literature has indicated phosphorylated to dephosphorylated sphingobase that serotonin in blood is situated almost exclusively [sphingadienine-1-phosphate (d18:2)/sphingadienine in platelets (24). Needling of a failing or encapsulated bleb with subconjunctival injection of antimetabolites D. Irrigation water may be a possible supply of meals contamination, even if the water is chlorine-treated [url=] medicine and manicures generic 100 mg phenytoin free shipping[/url]. The reticulocyte count will improve if there’s a positive response and could also be useful the place the prognosis is in doubt, if carried out inside 1 2 weeks after iron therapy is started. Furthermore, the use of aspirin or (Mesenchymal), outstanding transforming development factor fi activation, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine may decrease the danger for 30 63-sixty eight stromal invasion, and angiogenesis. Tibia and Fibula Tibia and fibula fractures (most common fractures below the F knee) are inclined to result from a direct blow, falls with the foot in a fiexed position, or a violent twisting movement [url=] diabetes medications pancreatitis order glipizide in india[/url]. Such yield ought to improve with the extent of adhe- bipedalism or lateral decubitus place and a chest X- 23,26 sion to clinical suggestions that’s usually. Matthew Crotts, a medical illustrator in Educational Resources in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, created the illustration used on this chapter. They may be advised that a refll request was made too early or too late, which Consequences of nonadherence may end up in delays in dishing out medicines, Names and dosages of all drugs and in the end, treatment interruptions [url=] clinical depression symptoms yahoo cheap abilify american express[/url].
    Despite fast conversion of phosgene to much less poisonous end merchandise, other systemic results, such as permeability-associated edema (Borak and Diller, 2001) and adenosine triphosphate- related changes (Currie et al. In addition,they m ay additionally preventdelirium,significantly in older adults,and scale back exacerbations ofchronic lung and heartdisease. When a 14 company corresponding to Bigelow makes illegal nutrient content, antioxidant, or health claims which might be 15 prohibited by regulation, customers corresponding to Plaintiff are misled [url=] anxiety 10 days before period buy geodon 40mg visa[/url]. Convulsive epilepsy has options similar to sudden muscle contraction, causing the individual to fall and lie rigidly, followed by the muscular tissues alternating between leisure and rigidity, with or with out lack of bowel or bladder management. Absent dad and mom and spouses, tough divorces, lower put aside to allow nursing moms to express milk at work. When offended, you might inform your self, you are going to chop wood or beat carpets or pound the pavement in a 5-mile run [url=] rumi herbals order 1pack slip inn with mastercard[/url]. Cause, transmission, and epidemiology: the worm belongs to the household Davaineidae. Recognize the indications for pulmonary valve substitute in pulmonary regurgitation c. Systemic autoimmune diseases in elderly patients: atypical presentation and association with neoplasia [url=] man health pharmacy discount 5mg fincar with amex[/url]. In real-life group trials, leu the efcacy of mixed inhaled corticosteroid and lengthy kotriene receptor antagonists had been equal in efficacy to performing beta-2-agonist therapy has led to the advertising of an inhaled corticosteroid as first-line lengthy-time period controller combination drugs that deliver both agents simulta medication or to a long-appearing beta-2-agonist as add-on neously (Table 9-3). Pediatric Head Injuries: Can Clinical Factors Reliably Predict an Abnormality of Computed Tomographyfi. Plasmapheresis for hemo plasma change as de-coppering method in intensive look after an grownup in lytic disaster and impending acute liver failure in Wilson disease [url=] quit smoking 6 months pregnant order cheapest nicotinell and nicotinell[/url].

  5. Those who believed that the steroid was too harmful to take or feared its unwanted effects based mostly upon past history have been assigned to the placebo group, whereas those expressing no considerations had been assigned to the steroid group. For instance, stereotypes perpetuate the devaluation of black women as moms, they perpetuate stigma against low-income white women who transgress social norms and name into query Asian-American women’s reproductive decision-making. Abuse of anabolic steroids differs from the abuse of other illicit sub- stances as a result of the initial abuse of anabolic steroids isn’t driven by the instant euphoria that accompanies most medicine of abuse, corresponding to cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, but by the What are Anabolic steroids had been devel- want of abusers to alter their oped in the late Thirties primarily look and efficiency, anabolic steroids [url=] diabetes type 1 gene therapy buy irbesartan cheap[/url].
    This mixture has gained recognition in some countries as a legal different to different stimulants. Repeated Dose Toxicity – Dermal Studies Systemic/dermal effects induced by benzyl benzoate had been noticed in rats receiving repeated dermal doses up to 2. Once the substance is discontinued, the depressive symptoms normally remit within days to a number of weeks, de pending on the half-lifetime of the substance/medication and the presence of a withdrawal syndrome [url=] medications 2 times a day cheap prothiaden online american express[/url]. Pull the skin of the cheek up or ask the particular person to smile or elevate his or her cheekbones. In the presence of a history of volume loss and clinical options of hypovolemia (dry mucous membrane, tachycardia, hypotension), enchancment in circulating quantity is indicated. The specific compounds produced range with the pressure, isolate, and culture medium [url=] blood pressure for teens order digoxin online from canada[/url]. The Multicenter Study of Perioperative Ischemia clinical effectiveness of an emergency division-based early objective-directed Research Group. Upright belly Xray: note loops of bowel, fattened diaphragm, and rounded stomach. In basic, pa difficulty meeting commitments to develop a reasonable tients ought to be treated in the least restrictive setting that plan to satisfy their obligations (e [url=] erectile dysfunction protocol jason order dapoxetine 90mg visa[/url]. Stop therapy as a result of the drug tub; and to wash the diaper area with gentle isn t protected for youngsters younger than soap and water with each diaper change. In the United States, the age-adjusted incidence of hip fracture in Caucasian women aged 65 and over varied with geography but was excessive all over the place ranging from seven hundred to 1000 per a hundred 000 per yr (99). Which of the following gastrointestinal issues (B) Micturition syncope (C) Chronic pancreatitis (E) Ventricular outflow tract obstruction can successfully be handled with Ursadiol [url=] anxiety natural remedies 75mg sinequan for sale[/url]. Imaging in retroperitoneal fibrosis with related periaortitis classically reveals a periaortic, confluent mass encasing the anterior and lateral sides of the aorta. As the name implies, external beam radiation entails the supply of radiation from a specialized radiation machine to a specific location contained in the body. Likewise, the incidences of pulmonary opposed events reported in examine N9831 were four [url=] skin care 08 generic cleocin gel 20 gm overnight delivery[/url].
    Y pestis Y pestis is a facultative anaerobe, fermenting glucose is nonmotile, unlike the opposite mammalian pathogens of with the production of acid. The following hyperlinks describe some of the potential sicknesses related to canine and could also be discovered on-line: Brucella canis:. The disorder was revealed by peripheral precocious puberty between the age of two-3 years in males and by the virilization of the exterior genitalia in females [url=] medicine you can take while pregnant purchase quetiapine overnight delivery[/url]. He passes a lot of fuel from his rectum and his dad and mom can hear his abdomen gurgling a lot. I 9ve already told you that Harry Stanford’s kids unwell equally inherit the estate. However, evidence that this group of allergy—benzylpenicilloyl–polylysine conjugate at penicillin determinants is allergenically signiп¬Ѓ- a focus of 10в€’6 M and a minor determinant cant stays insubstantial [url=] symptoms dehydration triamcinolone 4mg overnight delivery[/url]. An introduction to the endocannabinoid system: From the early to the newest ideas. If you are like lots of my sufferers, you’re adding a completely unnecessary layer of distress with self-criticism. Nitrates must also be avoided in sufferers with haemodynamic instability, particularly hypotension [url=] erectile dysfunction treatment comparison purchase viagra with dapoxetine without prescription[/url]. However, federal and provincial groups are working together to seek out sensible methods to measure faculty readiness at the provincial and native ranges, as a part of the National Childrens Agenda. Great care is taken to keep away from tumour spillage as this will increase the chance of tumour recurrence. Groups had been distinguished for which a shared toxi- cological efect pattern could be indicative of a shared mode of motion from those with unspecifc toxicological efects [url=] impotence may be caused from quizlet buy 100 mg viagra with fluoxetine with amex[/url].

  6. Understand the spectrum of anterior and posterior hormone deficiencies related to holoprosencephaly 10. Outcomes of the perihysterectomy was used, but it led to many tragic problems from bowel examine had been essential as a result of the preliminary outcomes revealed burns, peritonitis, and dying. There is a theoretical concern that fetus would possibly develop congenital rubella syndrome from the reside attenuated virus used for the vaccine [url=] gastritis diet блиц buy 4mg doxazosin fast delivery[/url].
    Respiratory price Detailed remark this ought to be counted over a period of 1 minute earlier than the animal is caught or restrained for examinaOnce the animal has been restrained it should be tion. Induction chemoradiation just isn’t superior to induction chemotherapy alone in Oncol 2017;35:56-62. It incorporates routines for people of any age, gender and ability who need to take their health to new ranges [url=] heart attack names order sotalol overnight[/url]. She tells the doctor that she is anxious about the attainable adverse effects of chemotherapy. The Bio-A synthetic prosthesis offered a considerably larger share of positive cells in contrast with the biological prostheses (except for the Tuto at 14 days). There is a necessity for research defining the relationships between dietary iron intake, as haem iron, nonhaem iron and supplements, and diseases similar to cancer and cardiovascular disease [url=] antibiotic resistance in agriculture generic cephalexin 250 mg amex[/url].
    Carbon dioxide is transported in blood close to three contrasting mechanisms: as dissolved carbon dioxide, as bicarbonate, or as carbaminohemoglobin. One year after the procedure, annual visits are scheduled unless new signs happen. It could also be spontaneous (threatened, inevitable, incomplete, complete or missed) or induced (therapeutic, criminal or septic) [url=] impotence of psychogenic origin buy cheap super viagra 160 mg on-line[/url]. Monitoring of weight is a element of behavioural interventions and self-management associated with better brief and long-time period weight outcomes. All forms of cystitis are clinically characterised by a triad of signs—frequency (repeated urination), dysuria (painful or burning micturition) and low abdominal pain. Visitors are reminded that function, if any, the sow may need played (in the park laws require them to remain a minimum of a hundred second dying) because of the lack of witnesses and yards away from bears and wolves and no less than 25 presence of a number of bears at the incident scene, yards away from all other giant animals [url=] medicine of the wolf purchase pepcid line[/url].
    Since the beginning of 2010 there have been a complete of seven prosecutions for breaches of National Minimum Wage legislation. Sally Bloomfield Adam Fox Honorary Professor, London School Consultant Paediatric Allergist of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine “The influence of early use of antibiotics in “With folks now spending up to eighty% of their infants on their microbiome and subsequent time indoors, the elemental query nows influence on the chance of allergy remains unclear. To prevent infiammation, apply ice, similar to a bag of crushed ice or frozen peas, to the shoulder for 20 minutes after performing all of the exercises [url=] gastritis diet шарарам buy generic pyridium 200mg online[/url]. Active in-home improvement of a teaching fle represents a really useful stimulus for trainees and is inspired. Masuda M, Fukushima J, Kadota H, Kamizono K, Ejima M, Taura virus and a subset of head and neck cancers. Isolation of the virus from throat swabs establishes a diagnosis of acute rubella [url=] spasms upper back buy urispas with a mastercard[/url].
    Neuronal production, migration, and differentiation in a vocal management nucleus of the adult female canary compounds, including chlorinated hydrocarbons, lead, and asbestos home on their mind. Similarly, the estimate of visitor days for snow skiing used projected modifications in the number of days of minimal snow cover to adjust skier days proportionally. Step 5: Model performance For a proposed model, researchers need to determine the standard [url=] medicine 230 order domperidone pills in toronto[/url]. We proved that you can get via the oral well being danger assessment and screening piece in about 12 seconds. This suggests that reti noic acid seems to be stronger as inducer of mela C. Treatment period + Metformin + Metformin 28-weeks Pioglitazone Pioglitazone Advise patients that modifications in insulin routine can predispose to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia and that modifications in insulin Number of sufferers 117 116 routine should be made beneath close medical supervision [see HbA1c Warnings and Precautions (5 [url=] gastritis diet шарики purchase misoprostol overnight delivery[/url].
    As shown in Table 103, glucuronidated metabolites characterize about fifty one% of the entire radioactivity within the human plasma, but only 9% of complete radioactivity in canines. IgA exists in two forms, a four-chain monomer in the blood and an eight-chain character, or dimer, in exocrine gland secretions of the mucous membranes, including mucus, saliva, and tears. This possibility ought to be notably thought of in the context of: New onset aggressive epilepsy of unidentied trigger, significantly at school age children [url=] gastritis not responding to omeprazole cheap biaxin 250mg free shipping[/url].

  7. Autoimmunity occurs when an individuals immune system fails to rec- ognize self and assaults tissues as if they had been foreign. Suprarenal Cortex cytoplasm with many lipid drop- lets giving them a vacuolated look. Planned blood transfusions can save life and improve its quality by helping to keep away from the issues of hypertrophied marrow and early cardiac failure [url=] anti acne buy permethrin 30gm mastercard[/url].
    Why isn t potassium iodide Most patients escape from its motion used for long term. Axial filament is also called Axoneme and arises from the distal centriole which types the axis of tail. The Court recognized the United States as the place of ordinary residence of the minor previous to his arrival in Israel [url=] cholesterol lowering foods nz order abana 60pills fast delivery[/url]. Carcinoids of the jejunum and hyperplasia: immunocytochemical chronic nonalcoholic liver ailments. The Personalized Medicine Report forty three Many organizations are committed to overcoming personalised drugs. Health risk Number Definitely Probably Undecided Probably Definitely of Cycles Yes (%) Yes (%) (%) No (%) No (%) Sterility* 1 50 [url=] gastritis diet 23 buy 40 mg protonix[/url]. The last, crisis part Characterized by breakdown of host defences with increased plasmal viral load and clinical disease. Relationship Compare: Lonicera pericylmenum Honeysuckle (irritability of temper, with violent outburst [Crocus. Acute pancreatitis is may give the therapist extra clues to useful characterized by the abrupt onset of ache in connections in the patient s life [url=] impotence at 46 buy cialis with dapoxetine discount[/url]. Betsou F, Gunter E, Clements J, DeSouza Y, variations on the metabolic profile of serum sam- 2011;6:e21230. Delayed release risedronate (Atelvia) and ibandronate are not permitted for use in males. An alteration in which of the following elements of the neuromuscular junction is the most likely cause of the muscle weak spot? [url=] antibiotics make acne better generic cefadroxil 250 mg overnight delivery[/url]. Filariasis doesn’t kill, however may cause nice struggling, disfiguration and incapacity. Am J Med iodixanol in contrast with nonionic low-osmolar contrast media: meta 1989; 86: 649 652. The major downside with utilizing ultrasound is that it must have the ability to definitively rule out intussusception, since if diagnostic uncertainty still exists following the ultrasound, a distinction enema should still be carried out [url=] blood pressure medication uk purchase 80 mg innopran xl fast delivery[/url].
    The lobules is lobulated, bluish-grey, translucent, cartilaginous mass themselves are composed of immature cartilage consisting lying throughout the medullary cavity. For example, all genes affecting the phenotype could also be mounted, however the phenotype could show incomplete penetrance; i. The physique does not retailer Zinc to any considerable extent in any organ, urinary excretion is pretty fixed at 10 mol/day [url=] pregnancy symptoms before missed period purchase 0.625mg premarin visa[/url]. Aspiration of the joint might be essential beneath coagulation factor cowl if there may be extreme intracapsular stress. The cells are often large proximal tubule may present a microvillous border, which is (14 to 30 fim), with ample blue-grey cytoplasm containing seen with brightfield microscopy. Older children and your facility is adults are more doubtless recognized with to have signs [url=] definition low cholesterol diet order tricor with amex[/url]. The methodology for dosimetry in animal experiments with a particular emphasis on uncertainty calculations and each intra and inter-animal variation is given by Kuster et al. The skin is concerned in body of this layer are produced by the stratum germina temperature conservation through insulation and in tivum and as further cells are produced attain the warmth loss through perspiration. The examine, although not powered to reply the query of scientific benefit, underlines the potential unwanted side effects of immunosuppressive remedy [url=] allergy forecast west bend wi order cyproheptadine in india[/url]. The cerebro-spinal nerves, even to their twig ends do not anastomose, run together as one; the sympathetic nerves regularly do. In the resting state, the inside of the neuronal membrane is negatively charged compared to the outside surface and with this distinction in cost, the resting membrane is claimed to be polarized. Formerly named Albert Hess Tofuhaus Rittersheim, Tofuhaus Tiefenthal, and Das Tofuhaus [url=] gastritis not healing generic aciphex 10mg with visa[/url].

  8. Since no abnormalities had been recorded throughout a 3-week recovery interval, and there have been no histopathological alterations in the eyes, the impact was not thought-about biologically important by the investigators. A 30-minute treatment in the afternoon stretches out to almost an hour as Luke stalls and turns the machine of numerous times. Among travellers to rural areas of developed nations, the danger of hepatitis A is as much as 500 times higher than the B [url=] treatment pain legs purchase cafergot overnight[/url].
    The remaining deaths occur as out which in themselves may not be life-threatening, in of-hospital or emergency department events, typically order to keep away from the relative ineffectiveness and adverse in sufferers with different congenital anomalies or sepsis. Handling Work gently, slowly, and quietly when dealing with Laboratory mice reply finest to calm, breeding mice. Pharmacodynamic adjustments in the aged mean that organ sensitivity is increased to the opposed results related to these pharmacokinetic adjustments [url=] erectile dysfunction age 29 cost of viagra gold[/url]. Concern about 500 twice a day, levofloxacin, 500 mg once day by day) antibiotic resistance. The weak spot may be as a result of increase Spigelia 639 or decrease of blood strain, or due to the disturbance of the fluid degree in the inner ear (labyrinth). Citizenship/Community Extraction relations Have a hand in to the larger community Profession on current relationships Help people in sine qua non Spend time with one’s own flesh Get better league Take an lively part in raising my children Be committed to a cause or group that Keep in service accordance in good health has a larger use communication Create sacrifices in place of others Marriage/couples/intimate relationships Spirituality Validate a reason of security and trust Follow traditions and customs Give and gain affection Persevere according to non-secular principles Dish out calibre for the nonce at once with my helpmate Mode my faith or duty Plain my helpmate how much I Prosper in accord myself, my regard highly them in person business, and life’s determination Discern the will of Numen Friendships/Social Relationships Find meaning in viability End destructive relationships Develop a personal philosophy of lifetime Reach out for supplemental relationships Devote dead for now in category Believe a purport of connection Convergence on the greater virtuousness Have and keep close friends Education/Training/Personal Growth Spend time with friends Be interested in undertakings I believe Be struck by people to do things with for oneself are valuable Evaluate hip and different things in life Mental/Emotional strength Learn green things Aim horseplay and things that accord me Be bottle and try episode choice Keep an overwhelming existence Eat unbind lifetime Learn to do challenging things that plagiarize Be independent and enlist sadness of myself me blossom as a herself Dare my ‘no’ intellectual Persuade my own decisions Employment Be powerful and accomplished to influence Bespeak in therapy Win my medications others, have specialist Remain running Make important decisions that lay hold of the make-up Real well-being Be a captain Make a talented behave of money Live in secure and secure surroundings Enroll in natural harry Be respected via others Set up a uniform income to encounter actual Be seen not later than others as thriving, be greedy needs Consume foods that are nourishing to my Mature illustrious, capture notice and prominence body Prolong a balance between doze and Be imaginative, commission unvarnished bustle About outstanding goals Enjoy the pan out I do Wriggle enough be in the arms of morpheus Do what I’m told and observe the rules 5 [url=] medications during childbirth purchase genuine mentat line[/url].
    Footnotes to tables comply with tabular type in using abbreviations, fgures, and so on. Many folks with such symptoms as hyperventilation, bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, complications or numerous kinds of muscular pains, seem – after becoming adequately conscious of an underlying psychological downside – to be able to acknowledge that that problem is the reason for their complaints. Assessment of chilly chain refrigerator and applications of pharmacies: a cross-sectional study in Mersin, Turkey [url=] prostate jewelry discount 60 ml rogaine 5 with mastercard[/url]. With the tail in one hand and the scruff within the other, raise the mouse and tuck the base of the tail between the palm and third or fourth finger of the hand holding the scruff. Lithium tetrauoroborate ca trigger the well being issues related to ionic lithium and fuorides, indicated beforehand. If males with greater testosterone levels are to be included in these trials, stratified analyses should be performed based mostly on baseline testosterone ranges [url=] antiviral blu ray review order amantadine amex[/url].
    The liver is the major site of degradation for both T4 and T3, with T4 deiodination additionally occurring at a variety of extra websites, together with the kidney and other tissues. The sort of immunosuppression, calcineurin, controls and less considerations for heat sink. The iron content in the diet for these pregnant rats was, respectively, 70 and one hundred forty mg/kg feed, greater than the minimal adequate stage of iron for adult non-pregnant rats (35 mg/kg feed) [url=] birth control for women gyn buy levonorgestrel 0.18 mg line[/url]. People who’ve lost all their pure tooth are less more likely to seek periodic dental care than these with teeth, which, in flip, decreases the likelihood of early detection of oral most cancers or delicate tissue lesions from drugs, medical circumstances, and tobacco use, in addition to from poor-becoming or poorly maintained dentures. In the study from Raymond et al of 21 instances, complete resection was achieved in 5 patients, but he had survival of 5 years in 60%, and a median of survival of 131 months, however 4 of them acquired radiotherapy with or without concomitant chemotherapy; two of these sufferers survived for greater than ten years, and the third affected person survived for a few months without the disease in his observe-ups [18]. The word firobotfi is from the Czech word firobotafi which means compelled labor, and was coined for the 1921 science-fiction play R [url=] impotence research discount viagra super active master card[/url].
    The various causes of hypothyroidism may be secretion might happen, with hyponatremia. A referral slip or written affirmation of affected person’s eligibility from cognizant health providers division representative. Effect of S-methyl cysteine sulphoxide and its metabolite methyl methane thiosulphinate, both occuring naturally in brassica greens, on mouse genotoxicity [url=] bladder spasms 4 year old generic 100 mg cilostazol mastercard[/url]. Hum Reprod is a danger factor for postnatal mood disturbance and early 2001;16(four):644-51. It can also be important that kids with Asperger’s syndrome perceive how their quantity, pace of speech, intonation and so forth affect the listener’s capacity to grasp what they’re saying. Please check with section contacts arranged for psychological health 2 when you wish to know extra about informal care in mental health [url=] medicine for the people buy cheapest thorazine[/url].
    Facilitating Progress in Whole Genome Sequencing Currently, massive quantities of affected person data are being collected in the well being care setting, stripped of conventional identifers, analyzed, and fed into research that might one day enhance clinical care. Cases of acute peripheral neuropathies have a sudden onset and progress shortly. Making wholesome meals selections, exercising, and talking about your medicine options with your health care provider are the most effective ways to keep your physique wholesome [url=] skin care brand owned by procter and gamble buy discount accutane on-line[/url].

  9. However, in people, these latter symptoms are sometimes related to a multi-nutrient deficiency and the exact function of vitamin A stays to be ascertained. The lytic pathway entails phage multiplication and the discharge of newly shaped phage following host cell lysis. However, two giant observational studies discovered the chance for hospitalization for heart failure was not higher with saxagliptin compared to sitagliptin [url=] rush pain treatment center meridian ms 525 mg anacin mastercard[/url].
    The most applicable method to proceed given the considerations for abuse is to report the concerns to Child Protective Services and talk about them with the mom during the current workplace visit. If the free T4 is measured in these sufferers, it thyroxine, total and free 913 could be regular, indicating that free T4 is a more correct indi- cator of thyroid perform than whole T4. In conclusion, for patients not needing to turn out to be pregnant after endometriosis surgical procedure, secondary prevention of dysmenorrhea can be achieved by either postoperative use of a levonorgestrelreleasing intrauterine system, or mixed oral contraceptives for a minimum of 18 24 months [url=] best male erectile dysfunction pills over the counter buy cheap cialis extra dosage 40mg online[/url]. And when she was aggressive or hurting herself, there was no means I was going to sit down again and take my time to determine what should be blamed for it. Dont routinely advocate follow-up mammograms extra often than yearly for women who have had radiotherapy following breast conserving surgery. They ought to embody guidance in regards to the distinct differential necessities for consent to participating in research versus consent to participating in clinical practice that essentially contains inadequately tested although normal procedures [url=] impotence causes and symptoms buy 800mg cialis black with visa[/url]. Since then, a number of studies have investigated whether or not or not epoetin alfa is transferred throughout the human placenta (7–15). Lillie (1951) suggests that chromic acid, periodic acid and potassium permanganate (Casella, 1942) most likely react with comparable groups. Very usually, because of an absence of hydrochloric acid, food stays undigested, producing various different acids [url=] medicine 013 order generic gabapentin line[/url]. The spectrum of neurobehavioural defcits within the Posterior Fossa Syndrome in youngsters after cerebellar tumour surgery. The uncontrolled burning ent air air pollution is associated with ever, in some center-earnings coun- of low-high quality biomass fuels and coal an increased risk of lung most cancers. Mode of Food and water contaminated via contact with faecal matter or infected food transmission and handlers [url=] antibiotics for acne infection cheapest generic omnicef uk[/url]. Second, texture loss and preservation in contemporary-minimize products will be mentioned, as a result of its essential influence on product look and sensory quality. Sep 23 2020 Blood cells or hematocytes are usually found in blood and so they make up over 45 of the total blood tissue by quantity. The deltoid muscle just isn’t injured blocking manufacturing of infammatory media in this case, as demonstrated by the patient’s tors [url=] antibiotics zedd purchase doxycycline 100 mg on-line[/url].
    In addition to geographic challenges, neighborhood wants and the assets to handle these needs range significantly. She had been normal up till twenty years previous to her attending certainly one of our services. Countries should also present statistics by which each the numerator and the denominator of all ratios and charges are restricted to fetuses and infants weighing 1000 g or extra (weight-specifc ratios and rates); the place info on start weight isn’t obtainable, the corresponding gestational age (28 completed weeks) or body size (35 cm crown-heel) must be used [url=] infection 3 months after surgery trusted 400 mg noroxin[/url]. Extracellular fluid carries needed products to tissue cells whereas eradicating their wastes. Occlusion of center cerebral recommend an elevated threat to develop late onset seizures. Continuous subcutaneous infusions of opiskin such because the higher arm, subclavicular chest wall, 1,4,8,12-14 ates at the end of life [url=] medications similar to adderall discount reminyl 4 mg overnight delivery[/url]. No important difference was noted in age at onset between female and male sufferers in both of the diagnostic groups. Specifc delays in cognitive, motor, and language improvement are disproportionately frequent. For instance, + the majority of women (73 %) Table fifty eight shows that 10 p.c of 49 percent of women reporting three didn’t use a condom in any respect within the women in this group used the male or extra companions in the final year past 4 weeks [url=] blood pressure chart printable purchase 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide with amex[/url]. Once organisms enter; ther are transported via lymphatic system to reticulo-endothelial system and lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, liver, kidneys. Among these, exposure to monotherapy occurred in the following: valproic acid (N = 80), phenobarbital (N = sixty five), mephobarbital (N = 10), carbamazepine (N = 46), phenytoin (N = 24), and different brokers (N = 16). There are nonetheless signs that the affected person is responsive, although Coma Caused by Cerebral Mass it may take some ingenuity on the part of the examiner Lesions and Herniations to demonstrate them [url=] diabetes diet new zealand order januvia discount[/url].

  10. However, the absorption of vibration latency of symptom onset is supplied by British vitality by the hand is influenced by the studies carried out within the 1970s amongst varied vibration depth, as well as by frequency, occupational groups, including chain sawyers, transmission path, grip and feed forces, grinders, chiselers and swagers [Gemne et al. Treatment and Prognosis Etiology and Pathogenesis Treatment for these lesions is generally surgical excision that Condyloma acuminatum is a verrucous or papillary development may include cryosurgery, scalpel excision, electrodesicca of the pores and skin or mucosa. The nurse would expect the consumer with arterial and a bilateral pedal pulse signifies the client occlusive illness to have intermittent claudicais steady; due to this fact, this shopper does have to be tion (leg pain), so the nurse would not must seen first [url=] erectile dysfunction medicine ranbaxy order generic kamagra super line[/url].
    Assist with self-care activities, breathing, arm exercises, and Prevents undue fatigue and incisional strain. Recovery: Clostridium perfringens is a spore-forming organism and infectious spores will stay within the soil after an outbreak. Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle) * A remedy for skin affections, eczema, and especially plica polonica; also for haemorrhages and diphtheria [url=] diabetes vinegar buy cheap glucotrol xl on line[/url]. Domestic animals and people each have their own variety of Ascaris, yet can host the other varieties, too. Breathlessness (dyspnoea) this is worse with physical exertion and increases the work of respiratory. The changing well being ethical issues associated to sufferers, colleagues, or the care system mandates overlap between profeshealth care system [url=] antibiotic resistance marker generic trimox 500mg line[/url]. Nail problems happen extra infants, who could also be at substantial threat of demise in regularly in older people. The vulva should be posi (1) exterior examination of the female genital tioned vertically under the anus. Current research in weight problems indicate fndings relating overeating with attainable leptin resistance [url=] erectile dysfunction facts and figures order caverta uk[/url]. Liver biochemical exams: Normal values and adjustments in hepatocellularand obstructive jaundice. Infegenetically the oldest part of the cerebellum; it rior joint to the cerebellum formed by 8 fibers of the bum spinocerebellar tract and consists of the lingula and the flocculonodular lobe. Hospice and palliative care training for physicians—a of palliative care and supportive oncology, third version [url=] hair loss with menopause cheap 0.5mg dutas mastercard[/url].
    Role of Ki-sixty seven proliferation index and p53 expression in predicting progression of pituitary adenomas. Mark this with a As sure forms of water could cause ineffective cleaning, and may number or letter. Thus far, we will conclude that the characterization of syngeneic tumor models and their microenvironment reflects the immunologic range noticed in the clinic and offers a useful resource to select related fashions to review and take a look at the efficacy of immunotherapies in vivo [url=] breast cancer 2b survival rate buy ginette-35 with visa[/url]. The common practitioner (eg, diabetes mellitus, previous abdominal surgical procedure, persistent illnesses). Other apparent risk factors embrace African-American race, low socioeconomic standing, young maternal age, winter season, and prematurity. Toward a Low somatostatin ranges in melancholy could replicate increased biochemical classification of depressive issues [url=] allergy treatment london order astelin 10 ml otc[/url]. So on paper, these are related medication, but that’s the reason we now have the Committee and their medical expertise to supply steerage. Giving excess fuids to this group of children might precipitate fuid overload and congestive heart failure. Mike Campbell Chapters reviewed: 2, Anatomy and Physiology of Adult Captain of Police Mike Campbell (retired) is a 28 yr Friction Ridge Skin; three, Embryology, Physiology, and veteran of the City of Milwaukee Police Department, and Morphology served as the commanding offcer of its identifcation division [url=] erectile dysfunction pills sold at gnc levitra plus 400mg lowest price[/url]. It consists of two elements: pars After anesthetizing the nasal cavity with four% lignocaine, tensa and pars faccida. Chemesthetic sensations are defined as people who happen anyplace in the physique when chemical compounds activate receptors for different senses. A4101 Coexisting Congenital Systemic to Pulmonary Shunt: P651 Congenital Lobar Emphysema Intervention Decision in Infant Implications into the Role of Acute Vasodilator Testing in with Complex Congenital Heart Disease/B [url=] skin care essentials purchase acticin paypal[/url].
    Withdrawal syndrome can also develop throughout Non-opioid analgesics + Non-opioid analgesics +/ Non-opioid analgesics remedy with ?-opioid agonists after the administration of an opioid from the group of agonists-antagonists (butorphanol, nalbuphine, pentazocine), partial agonists (buprenorphine), or opioid antagonists (naloxone, naltrexone). Obstruction is caused by after selective laser coagulation procedures (25% of cases), atresia, stenosis volvulus, intussusception, meconium ileus they are transient and brought on by an increase in foetal (cystic fibrosis is current in 7. If shining the be unearthed in one watch results in no changes in pupillary size but shining illuminate in the divergent percipience elicits a normal, bilateral answer, the injury is associated with the optic courage on the nonresponsive side [url=] allergy shots child buy seroflo discount[/url].

  11. However, one can not distinguish between more distant linkage and independent assortment. The deeper the sleep, the much less there shall be of psychic exercise and voluntary movements. Colon-Emeric C, Kuchibhatla M, Pieper C et al (2003) the contri- fractures and bone mass predict vertebral fracture incidence in bution of hip fracture to threat of subsequent fractures: data from two women [url=] medicine 627 order 500 mg probalan with amex[/url].
    Despite low confidence in the high quality of the studies, the proof suggests that the benefits of couples therapy outweigh the potential harms. Yes – a specialist in the clinical proof base that’s to help the technology (e. Prolactin measurement in the investigation of infertility in women with a normal menstrual cycle [url=] erectile dysfunction doctor near me buy malegra dxt plus 160mg[/url]. Health care resources Top third in well being spending or assets Middle third in well being spending or resources Bottom third in well being spending or sources Note: Countries are listed in alphabetical order. The impact that ther confinement or pasture-based techniques must supply mastitis has on this danger to human health is clear by enough space per cow, permitting for the changes in host the constructive correlation between incidence of mastitis defenses related inside the lactation cycle of cows. It is nearly all the time lined by small intestinal kind of epithelium; hardly ever it could contain islands of gastric mucosa and ectopic pancreatic tissue [url=] skin care 999 buy bactroban 5gm visa[/url]. Additionally, we need to provoke complete action to advertise healthy diet and physical activity; and well being providers have to be reoriented to accommodate the needs of persistent illness prevention and control. Direct proteins, fat and carbohydrates leads to what is pancreatic operate test consists of giving an referred to as maldigestion and weight loss. The unit meets other requirements as may be established by the Secretary of the Army [url=] diabetes mellitus type 2 eye order avapro in india[/url]. Step 1: Complete your Elite continuing schooling programs: 9 Review the course supplies and full the Final Examination Sheet. Also on this examine, it was said that placing something in the mouth to be able to open the jaws, families outlined their first reactions as worry and panic (9). Improving adherence to tips for the analysis and management of pelvic inflammatory illness: a scientific review [url=] blood pressure medication for adhd purchase cheap warfarin on-line[/url].
    Thus, future analysis will lead to larger enhancements if it also addresses particular person patient traits. Understand the recovery of H-P-adrenal axis after continual suppression with exogenous glucocorticoids b. Some highly modified infant formula and soy formulation have been reported to contain considerably extra aluminium than breast milk (Goyens & Brasseur, 1990; Hawkins et al [url=] gastritis diet музыка buy prevacid 15 mg fast delivery[/url]. The reaction spectrum is wide, which is based on pathophysiology and onset timing of starting from rash to anaphylaxis. This methodology also imposes the idea of homo geneity of association throughout the combined deaths or cancer sorts. A enough, the addition of lysine, along with the soy protein, good average gure for the protein content material of macaroni, as offers an additional increase to the protein worth of such a bread by purchased in the store, is around 12 [url=] anxiety symptoms questionnaire discount emsam american express[/url]. Individuals with low well being literacy were discovered to be much less educated, poor, a member of a minority group, or over the age of sixty five. Efficacy and safety of infliximab monotherapy for plaque-kind psoriasis: a randomised trial. Mix 80 gms (20 gms X 4 2:00 pm sachets = 80 gms) of epsom salt (particular person needs might Start the range) in 800 ml of water [url=] symptoms 5 days after conception buy coversyl 8 mg with mastercard[/url]. Drugs (estrogen substitute, tamoxifen, fi blockers, glucocorticoids, cyclosporine) v. Additionally, physicians might recommend your child see a number of completely different specialists as a result of other body systems could also be affected by Goldenhar syndrome. Treatment is directed in direction of decreasing core temperature as in heat stroke, however because of the much less extreme nature of the sickness, much less drastic measures may be sufficient [url=] symptoms 6 days past ovulation order 35 mg residronate otc[/url].
    G Pharmacists and technicians must be notably aware of the consequences of adjustments in thyroid hormones on warfarin remedy and of the added complications confronted by elderly patients. Between approaching age 6 and 12, these teeth are replaced through 32 permanent teeth. In the absence of entropion the conjunc- tival recesses beneath each eyelids and the third eye Septicaemia this can be caused by quite a lot of lids ought to be examined for a foreign physique similar to a bacterial organisms, and affected lambs are boring, grass seed [url=] harrison internal medicine discount 100 mcg cytotec with visa[/url].

  12. Pills prescribing information. Short-Term Effects.
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    All trends of medicine. Get here.

  13. Description of selected antagonistic reactions Aseptic meningitis Cases of aseptic meningitis have been reported following measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. Incidence of hepatitis C in drug injectors: the function of homelessness, opiate substitution therapy, tools sharing, and group measurement. Rad 1989 Patient Evaluation Goals & Expectations What are the sufferers targets and desires [url=] gastritis nec order omeprazole 10mg mastercard[/url].
    In the primary examine, male and female rats were given day by day subcutaneous teriparatide injections of 5, 30, or 75 mcg/kg/day for 24 months from 2 months of age. Clinicians Most people should Recognize that different receive the intervention. Dissertation, Tubingen (2004) Ramm H: Zur Entwicklung der weibeerigen Mistel (Viscum album L [url=] anxiety disorder 3000 order tofranil uk[/url]. Pregnancy outcomes following gabapentin use: outcomes of a potential comparative cohort research. Deterioration in cardiometabolic danger markers in overweight girls throughout depot medroxyprogesterone acetate use. The case manager coordinates care and providers with all treating suppliers, and assists the member with neighborhood useful resource referrals [url=] anxiety symptoms all the time buy cheap luvox 50 mg[/url]. During a recent multinational, randomized research to match radiotherapy alone with radiotherapy plus cetuximab in patients with locoregionally superior head and neck cancer, cetuximab was found to enhance locoregional management and reduce mortality. These experiments suggest that mining efuent that has excessive concentrations of sulfate is especially prone to negatively impression the development of amphibians. The committee concluded that funding for the orphan products grants program has lagged far behind inflation and significantly undermined an important useful resource [url=] arthritis diet margaret hills quality 20mg piroxicam[/url]. Multiple white lesions roughly 1 cm in diameter noted on buccal mucosa and tongue. When misbehaviors happen, the sort and amount of discipline are primarily based on different factors: Developmental stage of both the kid and the parents Severity of the misbehavior Established rules of the family Temperament of the child Response of the child to rewards Keep in mind that faculty-age youngsters should take part in growing a plan of action for their misbehavior. By going via a specific routine every time, the examiner is not going to make omissions [url=] antibiotics for uti medscape buy clindamycin online now[/url].
    The rising imbalance in favour of ners, many nations have taken steps to enhance the num- higher specialisation over common drugs raises con- ber of training places generally medication. On physical examination, his pulse fee is 150/min, the blood pressure is 124/70 mm Hg, and the guts sounds are regular. The as a loud, usually holosystolic murmur with a harsh or blow- cardiac examination ought to include assessment of pulses, palpa- ing high quality and is greatest heard at the left sternal border; a thrill tion of the precordium, auscultation, and blood pressures in or carry may be palpable with moderate lesions [url=] no antibiotics for acne quality 200 mg flagyl[/url]. The whole quantity of colloids administered to realize transfusion in excessive-risk patients after hip surgery. Finding out whether or not she carries the gene is a process which can take time, generally many months. The e-book has a four-page notice from a counselor encouraging that families share their origins with their children and how it’s an act of love and urges mother and father to indicate their love and discover methods the reader s household is much like others and never get hung up on loss [url=] diabetes insipidus radiopaedia metformin 500 mg on-line[/url]. Men are more often held back by the myth that a “actual” man must be like John Wayne out on the plains, “not needing nothin’ from no person” besides maybe his horse. In order to make every of the above в€™steps ‘evidence-based mostly’ we’ve to show some monitor document for each prediction primarily based on the mix of fndings (signs, indicators, or test outcomes) used to make every prediction. Call-up and reabsorption maneuvers have been randomly utilized within the medial side of the thigh [url=] allergy forecast woodbridge va generic nasonex nasal spray 18 gm[/url]. In their randomized, blinded study of 206 participants, the authors compared pharmacogenetic-guided therapy vs. Presentation with gynecomastia and bilateral testicular lots was reported by Kadair et al. However, achievement of a high fee of success requires careful patient selection and consideration Infertility of a number of factors including the number of submucous In a systematic evaluate of leiomyomas and fertility, Pritts myomas and their location, dimension, and sort, together with their et al [27] concluded, ‘‘it is agreed that [submucous] myomas relationship to the uterine serosa [url=] cholesterol under 130 safe 20 mg pravachol[/url].
    Interleukin-eight concentrations in conjunctival epithelium brush cytology samples correlate with neutrophil, eosinophil infltration, and corneal damage. Dissociation and bindthe kinetic model proven in Scheme 1 relies on ing of azithromycin to complex C had been analyzed in the assumption that one molecule of azithromycin element to raised address this issue. Disloyal +1 Obligated 2 Loyal +1 Fanatical +5 Sexcetera:the Extended Director’s Cut [url=] erectile dysfunction treatment fruits purchase levitra_jelly in india[/url].

  14. The Class I further premium rates per thousand Term Assurance Rider Sum Assured are enclosed as Annexure 5. For sufferers with recurrences deagent (ibuprofen 400 mg four occasions day by day [qid] for five days) or systemspite such efforts, antimicrobial prophylaxis may scale back the ic corticosteroids signicantly hastens scientific enchancment comfrequency of future episodes. Other clinical factors that may increase the imperil of a forbearing acting on suicidal ideation should be assessed; these may group point wrong or other psychiatric comorbidity, such as psychosis [url=] cholesterol blood test fast discount 5mg caduet overnight delivery[/url].
    No comparable increases in prevalence have been noticed in creating nations, but although many hypotheses have been proposed, the true purpose for the allergy epidemic within the westernised world has yet to be found. Data were from the Victoria Healthy Youth Survey, a ten-yr prospective study of a randomly recruited neighborhood pattern of 662 youth (forty eight% male; Mage = 15. The attainable influences to be measured as moderators of the relationships between signs and impairment should embrace: gender and developmental degree (in case different symptom criteria must be utilized for various teams), the timing of any recognition and intervention (to estimate advantages and risks of early analysis and remedy) and probably modifiable envi- ronmental circumstances (similar to family ambiance, peer group, and socioeconomic adversity) [url=] spasms before falling asleep order rumalaya liniment in united states online[/url]. Unknown main or no If there isn’t a evidence of a main tumor, or the positioning of the first tumor is unknown, staging may be primarily based on evidence of main tumor the medical suspicion of the organ web site of the first tumor, with the tumor categorized as T0. Cancer centres goal to reform and restructure services to enhance patient outcomes. Early medical research demonstrated important decreases in airway resistance and increases in specific airway 997, 998 conductance in healthy, ordinary hashish smokers shortly after smoking cannabis [url=] treatment for strep throat best order capoten[/url].
    The equation that permits us to review the impact on the outcome variable of numerous explanatory variables is as follows: y = a+b1x1 +b2x2 +В·В·В·+bkxk the place x1 is the first explanatory variable, x2 is the second, and so forth. Others on the group include an epidemiologist, a communications specialist, and a clerical staff member. Structured п¬Ѓlling of diabetes treatment prescrip- tween social and environmental components interventions which might be developed for di- tions, and anxiety/depression resulting in and the event of obesity and verse populations and that integrate poor diabetes self-care behaviors [url=] muscle relaxant 2265 cheap 50mg imitrex fast delivery[/url]. Tree methodological issues requires both retrospective surveys or pro are likely to come up in varied settings:11 spective efort reporting from staf concerned in 1. Li-Fraumeni syndrome People with this situation are at larger threat for growing gliomas, together with breast 4 5 6 7 cancer , gentle tissue sarcomas , leukemia , adrenal gland most cancers , and sure different kinds of most cancers. Research Note:Gluteus Medius Activation Progression:Adding the Ball:The progressions in this video are equivalent to the “Clam” and “Side Lying Leg Raise” described above; however, the stability ball is added [url=] treatment zygomycetes discount procyclidine amex[/url].
    For youngsters and young As a part of the diagnostic process, folks, there should also be an assessment include an assessment of the of their dad and mom’ or carers’ mental well being. These interventions (International Union for Health Promotion and introduce strategies that change the environment in which Education, 2000). The terminal sulcus is a V-formed furrow the oral cavity could arise from the floor epithelium, minor salivary that separates the physique of the tongue from the bottom of the tongue [url=] blood pressure medication irbesartan side effects discount inderal 80mg otc[/url]. Virulence gene profiles and clonal relationships of Escherichia coli serogroup O26–a brand new have a look at an old adversary. Exhibit A Using advanced analytics for site selection Diverse dataset, overlaying a number of aspects of site efficiency, eg, historic enrollment Input rates by website, past investigator efficiency, on-going studies within the indication, and so forth Machine-studying For example, Random Forests, Support Vector Machines, algorithms Regularized Linear Regression fashions Site efficiency Forecasts of website efficiency, on traits similar to; time from trial estimations begin to first patient randomized and weekly enrollment rate Monte Carlo Providing estimate of expected enrollment, and error estimation simulation Defining optimal set of options based on user-specified constraints, Optimization enrollment curves from simulation, and value operate Recommended Proposed sites, particular to a selected trial set of websites Exhibit B Example outputs from modeling on-site selection Select any trial in Evaluate the potential for indication chosen trial, together with months of acceleration potential and the way far site suggestions change View abstract information Deep dive on details on a by trial, including opportunity Explore forecasts and specific website, together with from utilizing machine studying historic information at website degree forecasts and actuals and and accuracy of models summary of other trials at the web site Assess mannequin accuracy for selected trial, including abstract whether sort of trial may be accurately forecast 184 4. As 25% larger than the general inhabitants, which was might be expected, members of the dermatitis popu- a statistically significant difference between teams lation had a higher incidence of reasonable to severe (P [url=] spasms 1983 purchase 400mg carbamazepine fast delivery[/url].
    Patient issues about eligibility for remedy, sturdiness of remedy, the potential for submit-administration bleeding, access to remedy, price and value- sharing burdens, and so forth. Proliferating ductules are usually composed of regular-showing hepatoadenomas 137, 1527. Although this an infection may be very uncommon throughout the United States, all laboratories might obtain constructive specimens for proficiency testing [url=] symptoms 0f heart attack purchase isoniazid 300mg without a prescription[/url]. Self-Check Questions Take the pump downstairs to inspection your sensitiveness of the Axial Muscles of the Nut, Neck, and Second:. Current, past and fu- Observation and assessment of service behaviour ture fertility can by no means be guaranteed. Since most of those patients initially present to the emergency division, the emphasis is on the analysis of the infant or younger child with intractable crying, and one must exclude serious underlying sickness [url=] medications list template buy 180 mg diltiazem with visa[/url].
    Yet, folks possess different important identities and values that they’ll draw on once they encounter belieffi threatening info. Because of their brief half-life and rapid clearance from the physique, brief-acting opioids should be taken each three to 4 hours. In patients who underwent common anesthesia, the Foley catheter ought to be eliminated postoperatively not than two hours, till the patient is awake [url=] symptoms of gastritis in babies safe 20mg nexium[/url].

  15. Acupuncture seeks to rebalance the circulate of qi by inserting special needles at particular factors alongside the meridians. Travelers to international locations with endemic or epidemic diphtheria ought to have their diphtheria immunization status reviewed and updated when needed. Non-Surgical Correction of Facial Deformity What can be accomplished if I even have already had surgery and have a sunken face? [url=] symptoms nausea fatigue 600mg biltricide for sale[/url].
    There is regular elongation of the rete ridges with thickening of their decrease portion. After we let individuals know where to return for care in Lae, patients started arriving. Physical activity and the danger of colon most cancers among girls: a potential cohort examine (United States) [url=] birth control pills regulate period 0.18mg alesse with visa[/url]. Acute efects of d-amphetamine have been additionally examined in order to the bioavailability knowledge showed that in eleven out of the 12 cases the interior determine the sensitivity of MeHg uncovered animals to dopamine modulation. The determination to embark on therapy ought to take into consideration susceptibility testing results and contain consultation with an skilled in cystic fbrosis care. In toddler hearts the conduction tissues can be examined with a single block of tissue, that incorporates all of the parts of the conduction system except for the distal ventricular bundle branches [url=] women’s health center peoria il buy sarafem with paypal[/url]. The place of perform of the between the fingertip(s) and the hand is with the wrist dorsiflexed 20 to 30 proximal transverse crease of the degrees, the metacarpophalangeal and palm, with the finger(s) flexed to proximal interphalangeal joints flexed to the extent attainable, evaluate as 30 levels, and the thumb (digit I) ab favorable ankylosis.. Like male sterilization, ticipants nor the researchers know who is as this feature can also be permanent and must be per signed to which group. Conversion is not a sign of failure; as an alternative, it represents good scientific judg- ment [url=] arteria ulnar order indapamide 2.5 mg on-line[/url]. Hepatic schistosomiasis is a properly-acknowledged schistosomes have developed resistance to praziquantel as a reason for chronic liver illness and portal hypertension. Survey 1 was promoted by social media vention or comparison, the acceptability of intervention to key and Survey 2 through a mixture of social media and direct stakeholders and feasibility of intervention implementation. Ulta possono determinare brevi escursioni della pressione negativa, che puo superare 250 mmHg [url=] antibiotic yeast infection male discount minocin 50mg[/url]. Blood lactate ranges enhance kidney perfusion in quantity-resuscitated patients are neither delicate nor specic but are readily available with vasomotor shock. Make positive the Misalignment causes ineffective traction and will intervene with line of pull is parallel to the bed and never angled downward. Six research evaluated the impact of phosphate In abstract, the available proof helps binders on nutritional outcomes,a hundred and fifty,152,157-159,162 the hypothesis that the entire current phosphate but totally different outcome measures were utilized, binders are efficacious in controlling serum precluding comparative analyses [url=] virus 1999 trailer 50 mg nitrofurantoin amex[/url].
    They are an information service, masking over 3000 books and over 200 periodicals. This can permit position genes play within the improvement allergens to enter the body, caus of the disease. Hypersomnia Mild elevated need for sleep Moderate elevated want for Severe increased want for – – sleep sleep Definition: A dysfunction characterized by characterized by excessive sleepiness through the daytime [url=] anxiety wrap for dogs buy serpina no prescription[/url]. In some nations within the Americas, chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine is readily available, in some instances as an over-the-counter drugs. We assessed the safety threat of excipients on the basis of their kind and variability via an assessment framework, which quantifies excipient complexity in 230 organic formulations, and identifies excipient-related adverse events through revealed case stories. Individuals with biotinidase deficiency can not recycle endogenous biotin and can’t release dietary protein-bound biotin [url=] blood pressure medication purchase lanoxin 0.25 mg free shipping[/url]. A possible nosocomial case is a laboratory case that happens two (2) to nine (9) days after discharge from a health care facility. Russell viper venom prompts the coagulation results in crises characterized by joint pain, anemia, thrombosis, fever, issue frequent pathway on the stage of factor X. The frequent time period of ‘air entry’ is potentially misleading and doesn’t relate to the pathophysiol ogy [url=] medication that causes erectile dysfunction cheap viagra capsules 100 mg otc[/url]. Azuchimomoyama period One of the expert good physicians in the long run of the Muromachi interval to the Azuchimomoyama period (1575-1603) is Dosan Manase (1507 1594). Chin Studies on ecology of Fasciolopsis buski and management J Parasitol Parasit Dis 12:241 247 technique of fasciolopsiasis. General measures: Avoiding publicity to crowd, strict Granulocytes and platelets are reduced [url=] diabetes type 2 or 1 worse order micronase without prescription[/url].

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  19. Julie Thompson

    I’ve been looking for Stickney’s Hickory pit restaurant’s BBQ sauce recipe for years! No luck…Used to eat there with my family in the 60’s/70’s…They’ve been closed for about 20 yrs. Hoping someone out there would like to share it? Stickney’s was located in San Jose, CA and Palo Alto, CA.

  20. Pat

    Kelbo’s thousand island type salad dressing recipe. Been looking for 50 years.

  21. Kelley McCarthy

    I’m looking for the recipe for the blue cheese spread that Al’s on the riverfront served with their pumpernickel rolls. I haven’t lived in the St Louis area since 1994. Recently I thought about how wonderful that was with a nice steak dinner. I’d love to find out how to make the blue cheese spread if anyone has the recipe. Bon Appétit

  22. Patrice berman

    Looking for the recipe for Carson Pirie Scott heather house pie — it was my favorite.

    • Liz Engel

      I found this on the internet:
      The Heather House pie was basically baked Alaska. It had a graham cracker crust, filled with vanilla ice cream. They froze the pie and then made a meringue. The frozen pie was topped with that and quickly placed under the broiler to toast the merengue. Then back into the freezer.

  23. Looking for the B Altman brownie recipe!
    please post if you have it!

  24. Kate Fitzpatrick

    Looking for recipes from B. Altman Department Store Charleston Garden?
    Thank you

  25. Lisa

    I got to this page by looking up Stix, Baer, & Fuller’s Chiffon Jell-O but it’s not on here. What’s up?

    • Liz Engel

      Hi, Lisa! I believe I have this recipe at home. I go to church with a lady who used to work in the Garden Restaurant in Dillards (formerly Stix, Baer & Fuller.) I’ll look for it and post it here when I find it.

    • Anonymous

      Oops, you sent this to the wrong person!

    • Liz Engel

      Stix, Baer & Fuller’s Garden Room Chiffon Jello “Fluff”
      2 4-serving pkg Jello (any flavor, but they used lemon, lime and orange)
      3 1/4 c boiling water
      1 cup ice cubes
      2 c Non-Dairy Whipped Topping, Thawed
      1/2 c sour cream

      * Stir Jello into boiling water until dissolved completely
      * Add Ice & stir until melted and jello is a thick, syrupy liquid
      * Blend together whipped topping & sour cream
      * Gradually add jello to cream, mixing with wire whisk until jello is fully incorporated & smooth
      * Pour into mold or pan & refrigerate overnight

      Note: I would not substitute real whipped cream for the non-dairy whipped topping, but “light” sour cream would probably work just as well.

      Good Luck!

      • kwebb769

        Liz Engel, thank you for posting the Garden Room Chiffon Jello “fluff” recipe. I also came to this page looking for it.

  26. Katrina rumpl

    Hi — I just acquired a copy of Woolworth manual for lunch counter and restaurant. It includes very specific details on recipe and cleanliness and I’m wondering if anybody has the information they can give me as to its rarity or value.

  27. Sharon

    Looking for the lemon meringue pie recipe from Wolfie Cohens Rascal House in South Florida. Anyone???

  28. Michael Branham

    Back in the 70’s, in Houston and throughout Texas, there was a chain of steakhouses named Gallaghers Steakhouse. They closed all of them in the 80’s. It’s a shot in the dark, but if anyone happens to have any of their recipes I would greatly appreciate it. The ones I am most interested in is their cheddar cheese soup, Irish beef stew, the London broil marinade and their gingerbread. Thank you in advance for any help.

  29. John

    Looking for the recipe for the seafood en brochette from the Stouffers Top of The Seasons restaurant. I was a waiter there and a bartender at The Glass Parrot Lounge.

  30. Kirsten Parris

    For Anne in Michigan. Another source for olive burgers and sauce:

  31. Kirsten Parris

    To Anne in Michigan looking for olive burgers and sauce. Here is one from Taste of Home:

    • Anne

      Posted my reply about making the ToH recipe under the wrong comment. The yt link you posted is the one I *thought* I was posting, and I commented again trying to get it right for people following that thread.

  32. Virginia

    Looking for the Burdines restaurant’s Key Lime pie recipe. Burdines was the name of a Florida department store before bought by Macy’s. The Key Lime pie was the best. I kept it for years but since moving it is now lost.

  33. Janet Losey

    Looking for recipe for Cheese-Onion Pie that was served at the Swiss Echo Restaurant on Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA..I have tried many recipes and none are as good as that Cheese-Onion Pie.

  34. Gloria Ardrey

    Any one have recipes for the filling for the small sandwiches (savory and sweet) and soups Maas Brothers in Florida used to serve in their tearoom? Thank you

  35. Jessica Notini

    Any chance anyone has the recipe for the tomato cheddar soup from Mrs. London’s of Saratoga Springs NY (or something close)? It is amazing!!

    • Kirsten Parris

      Here is a link for a similar recipe. I hope you like it as much as I did.

      • Jessica Notini

        Thanks Kirsten!! I also made an attempt last night to invent it. Here are the notes I wrote up from the experiment with my daughter:
        Tomato Soup (Mrs. London’s style)
        Liana ate this frequently at Mrs. London’s café while in college at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs, NY. I had it a few times while visiting and was amazed to discover how much I loved it since my recollections of tomato soup from childhood were more like Campbells out of a can. We are all fans now of this attempt to replicate what we remember from that lovely café.
        4 Tbsp. olive oil
        1 large yellow onion (diced)
        4 cloves garlic (minced)
        ½ c. basil (chopped fine)
        2 Tbsp. parsley (chopped fine)
        1 tsp. fresh thyme (chopped fine)
        9 large tomatoes (we used farmers market beefsteak) (peeled, seeded and diced)
        3 c. chicken stock
        1/3 c. flour
        1c. or more heavy cream
        ¾ c. good cheddar (we used Kerry’s Irish white)

        In sauté pan or pot deep enough for soup, sauté the onion in olive oil about 8 minutes till soft and sweet, then add garlic and herbs and sauté another minute or two. Season with salt and pepper.

        I read about whether or not it is important to peel and seed the tomatoes and found varying opinions but concluded it was probably a good idea. It’s not hard if you place the tomataoes (with small cross hatch cut on the bottom) in boiling water for about 30 seconds before peeling. I cot them in half (cross-wise) for seeding and kept the juices from seeding in a bowl which I passed through a sieve to remove the seeds and save the juice.

        Add tomatoes and stock to the sauté pan, bring to a boil and cover, then reduce heat to simmer for about 30 minutes. Turn off and puree the sauce. I used a hand blender directly in the pot, or you could transfer to processor or blender. This is when Liana said it was not thick enough, so I made a roux (mix of flour with some of the tomato juice, gradually adding more tomato until runny enough to add to the soup). In future, I think I’ll try adding the flour to the onion sauté before adding all of the tomatoes and stock.

        Add cream and cheese (exact amounts depend on what tastes good to you) and cook down a bit more as needed. Add salt and pepper. Keep in mind that you serve the soup with another dollop of cheddar on top and some toasted French bread, so it will get cheesier. A basil leaf on top is also pretty. Liana thinks Mrs. London may have used dill, so we may try that another time.

    • Kirsten Parris

      Here is another tomato and cheddar soup:

      • Kirsten Parris

        Your version sounds absolutely yummy. I too would core and peel the tomatoes. Thanks for the feedback, and happy cooking!

  36. Mary kay thompson

    Do you have the recipe for sweet and sour pork loin from the old vineyard restaurant in Southfield mich?

  37. Kay

    Do you have Treasure Island Dayton Oh shrimp salad recipe?

    • Mark

      Hi Kay. Did you ever get the recipe for the shrimp salad at Treasure Island? I hope you did. I am looking for the recipe for their house dressing. Any ideas where to look? I remember asking them for it around 15 years ago and of course was told no. Thanks if you can help.

      • Will

        Please tell me you were able to get this recipe. I have been looking for it for quite some time as well.

  38. Carol Paris

    Does anyone have the recipe for fresh fruit salad with honey lime dressing from the Denver Dry Tea Room? I remember having it sometime in the mid 70’s. Carol

  39. Anonymous

    Anyone have the recipe for Barbecued Ribs from Tiki Bob’s of San Francisco, circa 1970? He worked for Trader Vic’s before opening up Tiki Bob”s.

  40. Marie Auerbach

    Does anyone remember the Meatloaf served at the Walnut Room at Marshall Fields-It had Spinach and Cranberries in it?
    Anyone have the recipe?

  41. Kathy Johnson

    There was a large northwest Pizza chain that closed in the mid 19)0s called”Pizza Petes”. They made a pepperoni salads with a house Italian dressing that was excellent. Does anyone know of the recipe?

  42. Sharon

    Looking for the recipe for Rascal House Lemon Meringue Pie. Cannot find anything like it!

  43. Cindy

    Looking for the recipe for Marshall fields angel food cake with butter cream frosting.

  44. Looking for a recipe from TJ’s gingerbread house restaurant in Oakland, CA. They sold seasonings in the gift shop and their was a shrimp recipe with the seasonings I am dying to find. If anyone knows the recipe or the brand of seasonings It would be so great. Ive been looking for years! Thanks!!!

  45. sharie deal

    Where’s the Boston Store Castle Sandwich recipe???

  46. Jaye

    This is a great web site. It brought to mind the cheesecake I used to get at Hamburger Heaven in New York City in the ’70s. It was melt-in-your-mouth creamy & airy with a barely there crust. Anyone have the recipe? Years ago someone I met suggested it was the Dream Whip box cheesecake but I’ve never tried it.

  47. Liz

    Hi! does anyone have the recipe for the Bullock’s Custard Sauce served at the Soup Bar in downtown LA? Would love to have to make for parents as a surprise. We used to go all the time. They loved it…and so did I! Thanks Liz

  48. Praying that someone just might have the recipe for Woolfies or Rascal House’s Prune Danish (the little ones that we used to get when we ate there with our grandparents) Thank you for any help 🙂 is our email.

  49. Maureen Miller

    Do you have the recipe for Stix, Baer and Fuller frozen fruit salad? I would love to make it!
    Thank you!

    • No, in fact, I have never run across any recipes from Stix, Baer & Fuller at all.

    • Kirsten Parris

      Here is a recipe that came up with pictures of the stores:

    • Kirsten Parris

      Here is another frozen fruit salad recipe:
      Rich’s Frozen Fruit Salad:
      8 ounces cream cheese
      1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar
      1/3 cup mayonnaise
      2 teaspoons vanilla extract
      1 (8 3/4-ounce) can sliced peaches, well-drained
      1/2 cup maraschino cherry halves, well-drained
      1 (30-ounce) can fruit cocktail, well-drained
      1 (6 1/2-ounce) can crushed pineapple, well-drained
      2 cups miniature marshmallows
      1/2 cup whipping cream
      With an electric mixer, beat cream cheese. Add confectioners’ sugar and blend in mayonnaise and vanilla extract. Fold in peaches, cherries, fruit cocktail, pineapple and marshmallows. Whip cream and gently fold into fruit mixture. Add food coloring, if desired. Ladle into paper muffin liners. Freeze immediately for about 3 hours. Defrost 15 minutes before serving. Do not allow to soften. Remove muffin liners before serving.

    • Ginnie

      I have the recipe for the Frozen Fruit Salad that Stix, Baer Fuller made…somewhere. I will find it and send it.

      • Mary Lou Mareno

        I have just seen your 2017 response. Were you able to locate the recipe for Stix’s frozen fruit salad? I would love to have it. Thanks!

  50. Kirsten Parris

    Here is the recipe for sweet and sour cabbage soup. I used Scott’s restaurant and got this recipe:

    • pat kuh

      I have the true Scott’s Prime Rib recipe from south side of chi…The restaurant handed out the recipe eons ago due to demand. give me til tomorrow (it’s late Sunday night.

  51. Tom Morin

    Does anyone have the recipe for Scott’s Prime RIb restaurant’s Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup from the south side of Chicago (Hazel Crest)? I found it on the web a few weeks ago while I was out of the country but couldn’t download it to my phone. Now that I’m back in the States, I can’t find it with Google again! Please help!

  52. justMe

    Anyone have Woolfies green relish recipe they can post here!?

  53. justMe

    For most of his working years my father was employed w Hullings (Apted-Hullings) — their noodlebake was on the home menu weekly — still is after decades! Their lemon and their chocolate layer cakes were never outdone by anyone — each weekend we would have one of each cake.

    Good memories.

  54. Louise

    I really enjoyed. Thank you so much.

  55. Anonymous

    Love it! Thank you.

  56. Kirsten Parris

    This recipe for poundcake is from Cooking Jewish. The author said this is a close replica to Wolfie’s poundcake.

  57. Rita Marasa

    I would like the recipe for John Wanamaker’s Tea sandwich spreads. Such a treat this was with my mom.

  58. Diane

    Anybody from the Cleveland Area in the 1950’s and 60’s: My husband has been looking for a cheesecake he had as a kid in Cleveland, Ohio. All the bakeries had a version, Rosen’s Houghs, Star maybe Baker’s and others. He describes it as a “Souffle” Light and Fluffy. I have made dozens of different recipes. I am going to try the one in this post from the Pig’n Whistle. Sounds interesting!

    • MumMum

      From Pittsburgh and I remember the same type of cheesecake in a bakery here, Rheas. I would describe their cheesecake just as your husband did. Did you make the Pig’n Whistle recipe? How did it compare to the historic “Souffle” Light and Fluffy?

  59. Please!!!!! if anyone has the recipe for Miss Hullings split lemon and split chocolate cake please post it, they`re the best cakes I have ever tasted. thanks Doris

  60. nl

    Years ago, there used to be a restaurant in Rock Island called The Gay Nineties that was destroyed by fire. It was a special event destination for my family. They had the most wonderful garlic salad dressing, and we always brought some home with us. It was a dark golden color, and pretty thick. My brothers and I would sneak into the refrigerator, and dab bread into it, and sometimes eat it with a spoon. I have tried to recreate it, to no avail. If anyone has this recipe, I would be thrilled beyond imagining.

  61. Anonymous

    I would really really like to find the recipe for the thick chocolate icing at Townsend’s Restaurant in San Francisco!!!

  62. Lori

    I would love to get a hold of the cream chipped beef recipe from Bob’s Big Boy if anybody has it.

  63. Kristin

    Anyone with the (or very similar) recipe to Bob’s Big Boy’s bean and bacon soup? Think about it all every winter and would love to replicate it!

  64. This is about restaurant in DC area. I think it was Lord and Taylor. It was a frozen fruit salad. Each piece of fruit had a sherbet covering. Let me know if anyone knows how it was made. I think it was called Birdcage. Thanks.

  65. I would love to have the recipe for the walnut layer cake that Mr. Steak used to have. Does anyone happen to have it or one that is close?

    • Anonymous

      Cathy, I used to work at a Mr Steak and that was a boxed cake made by “Sara Lee”. I used to buy it for myself from the grocery store. It has since been discontinued. You may have a better chance finding a substitute recipe by using the name “Sara Lee”. Sandy

  66. Wendy Berryhill

    I’m looking for Musso and Frank’s (Hollywood) Roquefort dressing recipe. Any suggestions?

  67. steve

    I’m looking for the REAL recipe for the original Hamburger Heaven “H” sauce that was located on Olive in University City, Mo during the 50’s and 60’s.

  68. Looking for the recipe for wannamaker’s tea sandwiches, hess’s tea sandwiches, b.g. salvi’s brick recipe, and max and erma’s california medley soup recipe, please.

    • Maureen Coppola

      I would love to receive the tea sandwiches receipt….will you share with me if available? Thanks 🙂

    • Pat

      * Exported from MasterCook *

      Appetizer-Pasta Salvi – This version was in the Columbus Dispatch. I have another recipe, but I don’t know where it is.

      Recipe By :Salvi’s Restaurant
      Serving Size : 12

      Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
      ——– ———— ——————————–
      8 Ounces egg noodles
      6 tablespoons butter
      3 tablespoons chopped green onions
      6 tablespoons flour
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      1/8 teaspoon white pepper
      2 cups milk
      1/2 cup parmesan cheese
      1 egg, beaten
      2 eggs beaten with 2 tablespoons of water
      bread crumbs (panko?)
      vegetable oil
      2 large red peppers
      1/2 cup chopped onions
      1 clove garlic, crushed
      2 tablespoons olive oil
      1/2 teaspoon dried basil
      1/4 cup chicken broth
      2 teaspoons white wine vinegar

      FOR THE NOODLE PART: Cook noodles according to package directions: drain well. Melt butter in a medium saucepan. Add onions and saute until softened. Stir in flour, salt and pepper and cook until bubbly. Stir in milk and cook, stirring constantly, until thickened and bubbly. Stir in the parmesan cheese until melted, then stir a little of the mixture into the beaten egg. Add egg mixture back to the pan and bring just to the boiling point. Add sauce to drained noodles, mixing thoroughly. Press mixture into a well-greased 9 inch square pan. Place a square of aluminum foil over the top, pressing down on it to pack the noodles. Chill until cold, several hours or overnight. Before serving, place flour, egg-water mixture and breadcrumbs in separate shallow dishes. Heat oil to 375 degrees. Cut chilled noodles into squares. Coat with flour, then with egg mixture, then with breadcrumbs, covering all sides thoroughly. Fry squares in hot oil, one or two at a time until golden brown and heated through-2-3 minutes. Drain on a paper towel.

      FOR THE RED PEPPER PUREE: Saute peppers, onion and garlic in olive oil until softened , 5-10 minutes. Add basil, chicken broth and vinegar. Cover and cook until peppers are tender and liquid has evaporated, 10-15 minutes. Transfer to a food processor and blend until smooth. Serve hot with Pasta Salvi

      Source: “Christine Arnold Dispatch 4/23/14”

      Per serving: 207 Calories (kcal); 11g Total Fat; (48% calories from fat); 6g Protein; 21g Carbohydrate; 42mg Cholesterol; 206mg Sodium
      Food Exchanges: 1 Grain (Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates

  69. KP

    Here is Mr. Food’s recipe for Rascal’s Macaroons: I am not sure if this is the recipe you are looking for, but I hope it will taste as good as the original.

  70. Terri

    Would love to find the recipes for The Rascal House’s chicken in a pot and their Macaroon cookies.

  71. Hi,
    I would be thrilled if you could find the recipe for Chicken Romana and the Mediterrania Salad from the Mediterrania restaurant that was on La Cienega on Restaurant Row. Thank you very much.

  72. Looking for House salad dressing recipe/ served at Oscar’s in Oakland, Ca. similar to a Caesar dressing but much better – to die for and everyone who was anyone ate at Oscar’s and you had to have their salad!

  73. lee mustello

    Does anybody remember Jesse’s in Alison Park? I am trying to find out what they had on their chipped ham sandwiches? Relish and what else?

  74. nancy

    OLD WORLD RESTAURANT on sunset blvd.L.A., CA Herb salad dressing. It was to die 4/ Does anyyone have that recipe ?

  75. Jann

    Going back to Philly. Any one have the watercress tea sandwiches recipe from Wanamakers??

  76. Jann

    I so miss the H& H. In high school we would cut and have breakfast there. Miss those times and food. Never got stopped for a 10 AM meal there. Yes I loved the creamed spinach, breakfast, desserts. So much to remember.


  77. Karen

    Interesting site — but I do have to take issue with your description of the Automats as employing a “dehumanized method of delivering food.” A visit to the Automat (Horn & Hardart’s in Philly, to be exact) as a child was often a highlight of the trip. Opening each little door to retrieve a chosen treasure — yes, often that creamed spinach — was magical. Don’t know if others remember it, but also in the 50’s the Mickey Mouse Club TV show had a similar wall of little doors, which a lucky Mousekateer got to open for a treasure. The Automat let those of us who were not on TV have the same experience…. Loved it and miss it – 50+ years later! (But thanks for the spinach recipe!)

    • They are referring to the “delivery” method, not the “receiving” method. Best movie depiction is in That Touch of Mink with Doris Day and Eve Arden communicating through the little doors.

    • mish-mash

      I agree, my mom would take me to the 57th Street, NYC location as a treat..they had a chocolate whipped cream cake with a chocolate candy bar frosting that was the bomb, we aways bought a whole one at the Penn Station shop to take home…

  78. Cristy

    I had a brilliant idea for a website that would allow people to share memories and recipes from restaurants that are now closed. Searching online I found that indeed it was a brilliant idea because it has already been done 😉 I’ve actually been searching for recipes from a little place named Links Bakery that once stood on Lake Ave. in Elyria, OH. They had the best simple glazed donuts, Long John donuts, brownies, and cookies known as Links’ Pinks. I would be ecstatic to find any of the recipes for these items. Great website with some great stories and recipes!

  79. Sheila Lirtzman

    What fun! Reading this has been a trip back in time and has made me
    so hungry. Please, does anyone have a recipe for the Bengali Chicken
    Salad served at the Popover Cafe in New York City until they closed in
    January 2014?


  80. Rosemary Scott

    In the 60s I used to have lunch at the Pig N Whistle in Downtown LA. For dessert, I had the best cheesecake I have ever tasted. I found the recipe on this website, but I don’t know where to find (or how to prepare) 1 lb dry, fine cottage cheese. Is that something special that is hard to find, or do I just drain the cottage cheese and blend it smooth? I also don’t know how many this serves. I don’t remember the crumbs on the top, but it was a long time ago. Rosemary

    • HMI

      At a guess, you might use Farmer’s Cheese, possibly running it through a food processor if it’s not fine enough. If Farmer’s Cheese isn’t dry enough, it can be dried further in a very low oven.

    • Renate

      Hello, I buy the square block at Costco and it is similar to quark. Now I have a question re size of baking dish which they did not mention. Do you have any idea? I thought a 9 in. cake form would do it. pls reply thks.

    • Cathy Cee

      One used to be able to find dry cottage cheese in stores, I remember still getting it the 90s. it’s basically just the curds without the creaminess, Try using ricotta, or putting regular cottage cheese in a strainer for a while.

  81. Deb Dunn

    Does anyone have the recipe for Black Cherry pie from Longchamps?

  82. Hello, I read your blogs on a regular basis.
    Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up!

  83. hawtdawg

    Anyone have recipe for Wolfies green pickle relish? I know they were based in Chicago.

  84. Ann Harrison

    Seattle 1950-60 El Goucho’s made a wonderful sandwich of ground beef mixed with a tangy tomatoey sauce served up on a warm bun – maybe a hamburger type.
    Wanting this recipe ever since they closed down.

  85. Richard

    How can I find a recipe for Malagasy garlic chicken from the closed Kahiki restaurant in Columbus, Ohio?

  86. Liz

    Looking for the recipe from the now defunct restaurants that used to be in Dillard’s (previously Stix, Baer & Fuller). It was a jello chiffon of some sort that came in Lemon, Lime or Orange. It was served as a side dish with a cold sandwich or you could order it as a dessert. It contained no fruit or nuts…it was just “fluff” as my family called it. Besides the flavored gelatin, it either used cream cheese or sour cream. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I’ve love to have this recipe!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like it might have had cottage cheese.

      • Anonymous

        I spoke with a chef friend of mine, and he said it probably used whipped cream (or cool whip,) sour cream or perhaps a combination of both. He said cream cheese was probably out because then it would taste more like cheesecake, which it did not. If cottage cheese was used (which is an excellent idea I hadn’t thought about,) it would’ve had to have been liquefied in a blender or food processor first, because there were no lumps in this dessert what-so-ever. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Liz

      There is a recipe that is made with Milnot canned milk, Lemon jello and cream cheese with a graham cracker crust that sounds like it. You can change the flavor by changing the jello. I will be glad to give you the recipe.

      • Liz

        I’d LOVE it! I tried the combo of Cool Whip and Sour Cream and it separated when it chilled. So I’m thinking that a thicker binder (like Milnot canned milk) might be what I’m looking for. Thank you SO much for offering to send it along. 🙂

      • Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant analyses, OK?

    • anna hamlin

      My mom used to make jello mixed with cool whip that sounds like what you’re talking about, very light and fluffy.

    • Linda Barnard

      Stix, Baer and Fuller’s Garden Room Chiffon Jello

      2 (4-serving) packages flavored gelatin
      3 1/4 cups boiling water
      1/2 cup ice
      2 cups non-dairy dessert topping, thawed
      1/2 cup sour cream

      Stir powdered gelatin in the boiling water and stir until dissolved completely. Add ice and stir until ice is melted and gelatin is a thick, syrupy consistency.

      Blend together dessert topping and sour cream. Gradually add gelatin to creamy mixture, blending with a wire whisk until gelatin is incorporated and smooth. Pour into a pan or mold and refrigerate overnight.

      Yield: 1 quart

      Note: Recipe may be cut in half.

      The favorite Chiffon Jello in our local Stix restaurant was the Orange Chiffon Jello. Years ago, I asked a waitress about it and she said it was the hands-down favorite of all the customers. This is the “Reader’s Recipe Exchange” recipe as it ran in the St. Louis Post Dispatch a number of years ago. It was supplied by the senior food service manager for Dillard’s Garden Room restaurants but is virtually unchanged since the days of Stix, Baer and Fuller.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, my goodness…that’s it! Thank you SO, SO, SO much! It’s my Christmas Miracle! 🙂 I’m so happy!

      • Shayne

        Do you by chance have the recipe for the cheesecake that Stix Baer and Fuller used to sell. It was very light and chiffon like and I can’t find anything like it anywhere.

      • Joan Hall

        Is there a way to get the recipe for Stix Baer and Fullers thousand island dressing, or their encore salad? Also back in the 60’s, SB&F made a “Lindy” sandwich that had anchovies, swiss cheese, turkey etc on it. any chance of obtaining that recipe?

  87. Elaine

    I am trying to find a recipe from the 50’s for Chop Suey made with pork.
    Also, there was a bakery in Ferguson, Missouri that made Chop Suey cakes and I would love to get that recipe also.
    Thank you.

    • JUDIE


  88. quiltlover

    Can someone post the cheesy corn chowder? I do not want to have to sign up for “digital,” whatever that is. I just want the recipe. Thanks.

  89. Anonymous

    Kelbo’s pork ribs bbq sauce

  90. Debbie Engleson

    Anyone have the recipe for the wonderful BBQ beef served by Marshall Field & Co?

  91. heide

    Anyone have recipe for English tea room Boston mass sweet rolls? Looking for years.

  92. Lisa Shafer

    Anyone remember Bob’s Big Boy’s Diced Ham and Cheese Salad with the Tomato ‘n Spice Cream French Dressing? Would love to find the recipe for it!

    • Anonymous

      Me too! You cannot buy the Bobs Big boy french dressing anywhere! The actual salad was just iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, diced ham and diced American cheese. Easy enough — but it is the dressing I cannot replicate. Also, came with toasted butted hamburger bun! Yummy — it was always my favorite!

      • Art Jackson

        Hi Anonymous
        Growing up in West L.A./ Santa Monica, my parents would quite often take me and my sister “over the hill” to Bob’s Big Boy in Van Nuys. It was a coffee shop style restaurant and a drive-in with the young girl car hops delivering your food on roller skates and was a huge hang-out for teen age valley folks and their hot cars. Particularly on Friday and Saturday night. I loved the Big Boy Cheeseburger, the french fries, the diced ham and cheese salad with tomato and spice dressing, the chocolate donuts at the cash register and the Big Boy comic books with his girl friend, Dolly and his pooch (can’t recall the pooches name). For years, I would buy the tomato and spice dressing at grocery stores and then it disappeared. You could still get the Big Boy Blue Cheese and roquefort dressing and the tarter sauce, but no T and S dressing. So I started researching the web and found a quite simple recipe which was good enough to bring back the memories of that perfect “french style” dressing. Here is the recipe

        1/2 cup Miracle Whip salad dressing
        2 tablespoons ketchup
        1 tablespoon Heinz 57 sauce
        1 tablespoon light corn syrup

        Combine salad dressing, ketchup, Heinz 57 and corn syrup. Stir it with rubber bowl scraper until thoroughly blended.

        It comes quite close, however, the first time I made it, I found the portions of ketchup and Heinz 57 sauce to be too much. May I advise you to use double or triple the Miracle Whip amount and taste it and add a little more of the other ingredients as you see fit.

        BTW-I now live in Palm Springs and the Bob’s Big Boy in Calimesa is serving what they call tomato and spice salad dressing. It is no where near the original and not worth using. I am tempted to make a batch of the original copycat recipe and take it to them.

        Hope this helps. Best wishes..

        Art Jackson

  93. Leslye

    I am looking for the house salad dressing from the Double Dolphin seafood restaurant in New York City in the 1960-70s. I would be so grateful if somone has it and is willing to share.

  94. Barbara

    Me, too. I keep searching. Someone posted here that she has the recipe, but she clearly has not been back to see that we’d like the recipe.

  95. Lynn Pelletier

    I am desperately searching for the recipe for the Olive Burger that was served in the “Knife and Fork” restaurant in the Pantlind Hotel in Grand Rapids Michigan. The hotel is now the Amway Grand the the K&F is long gone. In the late 1960s Mr Fables opened an became famous for their “Olive Burger” but no way was it even close…..I would just love to be able to get close to biting into a real K&F Olive Burger one more time in my life and to share with my husband who has never had one just what it is that I have been gushing over all of these years……..PLEASE see what you can find.

    • Joy Bolick

      I worked at the Knife & Fork from 1967-70, as a waitress & also a cashier. I live in Florida now, but I know a man that cooked there at that time also. I will try to contact him & see if he remembers the Olive Burger.

    • Anne

      I’m from Holland, Michigan, not far from Grand Rapids. Growing up in the ’60s-‘7os, family friends invited us to a cookout and swimming in their back yard pool for summer holidays. The hostess served olive sauce to add to our burgers. I didn’t like green olives but liked them stirred into mayo and on my burger. Seeing your post made me curious so I googled it. I was intrigued by the recipe in the video, and enjoyed reading the comments, many of which stated it’s olives mixed into mayo and not the recipe in the video.

      • Jaye B

        Anne – your YouTube link goes to an ad for Vanity Fair Napkins with no follow up for olive sauce or burgers. You have to wait for the actual video to come on to copy a correct link.

      • Anne

        Thanks so much for pointing that out. If I can edit my comment I’ll correct it.

      • Anne

        I can’t edit my original reply but am trying a 2nd time. When I clicked on my link above I got the VF napkins ad, then another ad, and then a completely unrelated video. 🤷 I’m pretty sure I’m doing it the same way this 2nd time (I tested this 2nd link by sending myself the link via email, and it went right to the video, not an ad), by clicking the share arrow and selecting copy link. If this link doesn’t work, you want to search yt for “Olive Burger” from Get Out and Grill channel.

      • Jaye B

        Thanks, Anne – yes, this link worked. Went right to the Olive Burger video.

  96. Jane

    I have spent the last three hours….and many times before that looking for the Chili recipe from Maxwell’s Plum. I think it was published in one of James Beard’s columns in 1973 but I have not been able to find that either. In my memory it was the perfect chili recipe.

  97. Chef Rinaldo Raben

    Do you have a recipe for Chicken Bengal from the Down Under Rest. Ft. Ldle. Fl. or the book by Leonce Picot and Al Kolcab – Dining in the United States?
    Ron Raben

  98. Elaine

    Does anyone have a recipe for Wolfie’s Rum Pie? My husband talks about how delicious it was – it was a highlight of his trips to Florida years ago. I’d love to be able to surprise him with a pie. Thank you.

  99. Thank you so much for the Wolfie’s cheesecake recipe. I can’t wait to tackle it – though I doubt anything I make will every come close to the memory 🙂

  100. Debi Kirkwood

    Does anyone have a recipe from Woodies for Chocolate Chip walnut cookies? We used to have these every Christmas.

  101. janice larsen

    Anyone have a recipe from Mary Elizabeth’s in NYC containing only oats, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and salt?

  102. kathy

    When I was a kid, Stouffer’s restaurants would occasionally serve squares of warm gingerbread in their bread basket. It was the most delicious gingerbread ever – dark brown with powdered sugar on top. I would love to know if anyone has seen a recipe for it anywhere.

  103. Anonymous

    Anyone have recipes from English Tea room, Boston, Mass from the 70’s??

    • Patricia

      Salad Dressing from the Globe from 1970 if you want it.

      • mark

        Please post salad dressings recipe.

      • Anonymous

        1/3 cup granulated sugar
        1/2 cup cider vinegar
        1 tsp salt
        1 tsp ground dry mustard
        1 tsp grated onion
        1 cup vegetable oil
        1 teaspoon paprika
        1 teaspoon celery seed
        1/4 teaspoon salt
        1 tablespoon onion, grated
        1/2 teaspoon orange rind, grated
        1/3 cup honey
        1 tablespoon lemon juice
        1/4 cup orange juice
        1/3 cup red wine vinegar
        1 cup salad oil

        Mix together sugar, dry mustard, paprika, celery seed, and salt.
        Add onion and grated orange peel.
        Blend in honey.
        Combine lemon juice, orange juice and red wine vinegar in seperate bowl; blend well; add to mixture.
        Add salad oil in a slow stream, beating constantly with a hand mixer or whisk.

  104. Anonymous

    Looking for Schrafft’s recipe for cream of corn soup, thanks. Marge

  105. Barbara

    No, I am still hoping for a reply/recipe for Cheesy Chowder from Marshall Field’s.

  106. I have a recipe I found on the internet, doesn’t feel right. I am looking for the recipe for veggie burgers from the Old World Restaurant on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. It was in the early 70’s. Thanks!!

  107. Great sounding recipes , some day will have to try them,

  108. Anonymous

    I am looking for a recipe for Rascal House Rugelach from Florida. Does anyone have it?

  109. Sharon Sokol

    Thank you for the blast from the past about Miss Hulling’s in St. Louis. Even those of us who grew up in the ’70s remember the downtown location well. It was an iconic place to dine in St. Louis, as was The Branding Iron.

    Do you have the recipe for the (to die for) Harvest Cake or prime rib at Miss Hulling’s or the creamed spinach at The Branding Iron?

  110. Lynne Sussman

    Does anyone have the recipe for Jordan Marsh Brownie recipe? I have been looking for this for years.

    • Linengray

      Jordan Marsh’s Brownies

      10 large eggs
      4 cup granulated sugar
      2 tsp. Salt
      2 tsp. vanilla
      2 cup flour
      2 tsp. baking powder
      2 sticks butter
      12 oz. semisweet chocolate
      2 cup walnuts

      Break eggs into large bowl. Add sugar,salt and vanilla.
      Mix slowly until sugar is dissolved. Set aside.

      In separate bowl, sift together the flour
      and baking powder. Set aside.

      Melt the butter and chocolate together
      in a double boiler. Add chocolate mixture
      to egg mixture and mix slowly. Fold in the
      flour mixture. Add walnuts, and mix well.

      Pour into greased 12 by 16 by 1 baking pan.

      Bake at 360 (yes, 360!) for approximately 30

      Do not overbake. Makes 48 2-inch brownies.

  111. Monica D

    Is there any way you could post the recipe for the belgian waffle from The Old World restaurant in Beverly Hills/Westwood? I have wonderful memories of going there as a child.

  112. As a child I looked forward to that many layered cake at Wolfie’s on Collins Ave. in Miami Beach. I search from time to time on-line, but, alas, not yet!

  113. Lillian Hauck

    This website brought tears to my eyes. I’ve eaten at many of these restaurants and I’ve sent some of those recipes to my daughter in Seattle to try. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE RECIPE FOR SCHRAFFTS’ TUNA CASSEROLE??? I SO loved it in midtown NYC……

    • You would enjoy the book When Everybody Ate at Schrafft’s, by Joan Kanel Slomanson (2006). It has many recipes in it. Not tuna casserole but there is one for Crabmeat and Noodles au Gratin which I bet you could adapt.

  114. Cornelia Herod

    Could you please get me the recipe for your rolled up pancake? We always loved them when we were in Chicago. Thank you, Mrs Herod

    • Cornelia Herod

      They were the rolled up thin pancakes. You also could buy them in the deli dept. more like crepes. Please reply. Thank you, Cornelia Herod

      • Cornelia — The deli dept of what restaurant?

      • Shelby LaMothe

        I am pretty sure they are referring to Marshall Fields. I had these pancakes for the first time a couple of days ago at Hawk Valley Retreat in Galena, IL. They were rolled up with a mixture of maple syrup and whipped butter. The owners said they were a popular item with MF’s champagne brunch and that they make a bunch, freeze them, then thaw what they need and bake them. I am assuming the freeze them flat, then roll them up after they are thawed, but I don’t know that for certain. I, too, am looking for the recipe!

  115. Paul DelSignor

    Does anyone out there have the Jordan Marsh brownie recipe? I had it from a Waldbaums magazine but since then lost it. I would love to have it again.

  116. Amber Weidenhamer

    Dear Jan and fellow foodies,

    My mother just got me a great vintage fondue set, and I would LOVE to make some in the near future.

    Can anyone here recommend an antique recipe from their ‘Way Back When’ archives? If it comes from a famous restaurant, tea room, etc., all the better!


    • Amber, this recipe is for genuine Swiss fondue as it was enjoyed in restaurants in the 1960s and 1970s. Rub an earthenware casserole with a clove of garlic. Grate 6 or 7 ounces of gruyere or Emmental cheese (or both half and half) for each person. Add a chunk of butter and pour one-fourth pint of dry white wine per person over the mixture. Put the casserole over the flame and stir with a wooden spoon, continuing to stir if a thick mass forms (it will be reabsorbed). When the mixture starts to cook, stir in a liqueur glass of kirsch in which is dissolved about a teaspoon of cornstarch and a little grated nutmeg. Keep the fondue pot flame just high enough to cook the fondue gently while it is being served. Serve with crusty bread torn into chunks which can be speared on fondue forks.

  117. Trish Shattuck

    I am looking for the recipe for Forum Cafeteria’s Spring Salad. If you know it please let me know. THANK YOU!

  118. Martha Dobbs

    Does anyone have any recipes from Herpolsheimer’s tea room in Grand Rapids Michigan?

  119. Does anyone have the recipe for the Castle Sandwich from the Boston Store department store restaurant? There was one in Fort Smith Arkansas. I ate there and the sandwich is to die for and also I had a recipe for Company Chicken, a buttermilk battered chicken baked over a layer of bacon … I would appreciate both if you can find them … I lost them … Thanx

    • Marilyn

      Did anyone give you the castle sandwich recipe? If so I’d love to have it too. Would you send it to me?

    • Anny F

      Didn’t find an actual recipe either, but it contained bread on the bottom, covered by turkey, tomato, asparagus and bacon smothered in a creamy cheese sauce. If you can figure out the cheese sauce or create one on your own, you might be close to it. Sounds Yummy tho.

  120. Jeanie — does anyone know the kind of fried fish served at the Forum in St. Louis mo.? — it was sooooo good.

  121. Elaine

    Does anyone have a recipe for Wolfie’s Rum Pie? My husband had it years ago when he was in FL, and I’d like to surprise him with a pie as close to the original as I can make.

    Thanks for your help!

  122. Karen

    I have lost my favorite Christmas recipe from Maxwell’s restaurant. It is a chocolate cookies,chewie on the inside with a crackled shell. Does anyone have this? Oringinally it came from the L.A. Times.

  123. I was downsizing and unfortunately threw away a recipe for bread pudding that was in the Ford Times approximately 1982 to 1984. Does anyone have the recipe or have any suggestions on how to find it? I will gladly share it if it is found.

  124. Tracy

    Great site! Does anyone happen to have the recipe for the vegetarian Cheese & Walnut Loaf from The Source Restaurant formerly located at Sunset & Sweetzer in West Hollywood? Thanks.

    • Jennifer Santiago

      There’s a man on Facebook, Damian Paul, that worked there for years. Maybe you could find him and he could help.

      • Kimberly A

        Has anyone found the walnut loaf recipe yet? I’ve been looking everywhere for it and would love to make this mor my daughter.

    • Anonymous

      Have you found this yet? It was actually my favorite dish there! I contacted Isis, one of the Source members, there is a cookbook coming out soon, but sadly, that recipe is not included.

      • I too would love to get a hold of that cookbook from the Source. They made a Salad dressing for their beet and carrot salad that just isn’t the same without their dressing. It was similar to a french dressing, anyone know how it was made?

      • Anonymous

        Trying to find the cookbook, is there a name for it? Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Also looking for this.

  125. sheila brigham

    Does anyone have a Lazarus department store cookbook — one or any? I would gladly pay. thanks sheila b.

  126. I haven’t seen it but if I do I’ll post it.

  127. terri

    Any recipes for Wolfie Cohens Rascal house?

  128. Carol

    Does anyone know where I can find the recipe for cream puffs from Weiboldts dept store bakery in Mt. Prospect, Il? They were soooo good! Thanks

  129. mick l.

    In the 80s in Pittsburgh Pa there was a Mexican fast food place called Taco Vista. I would like to know a recipe for the meat burrito. Thanks

  130. Jeanne1

    Hello. Wonderful website. I am looking for the Chicago Marshall Field’s recipe for cheesy chowder. The recipe shown in the Dayton Hudson cookbook doesn’t seem to be the right one. Would anyone have the original recipe?

    • Tina Craft

      Hey! I wondered if you got any responses. My sister and I are looking for the same recipe. She lived on the stuff when she worked in the Loop when we were young. Still pining for it!! If I find anything, I’ll let you know. Have a fruitful (cheesy) search!! Thanks!

      • Jeanne1

        Hi again. Still haven’t found the recipe for cheesy chowder served at Fields. I remember it was very thick — much thicker than a soup normally would be. I’ve made cheddar cheese soups a number of times, but can’t get the ingredients right. I think the secret may be in the type of cheese used, but I can’t figure it out. I’m hoping that someone who worked at Field’s kitchens will read this and post the ingredients.

      • Ann


        I just got done making a big batch of Marshall Field’s cheese chowder. Haven’t had it in so long. I’ll be happy to share the recipe.


    • Denise Scott

      Jeanne1, If you still need that Cheesy Chowder recipe let me know. I cut it out of the newspaper a long time ago.

  131. Dawn Lorenty

    I am looking for the grilled steak and “tar” baked potato recipe from the Windjammer restaurant in Sarasota Florida. I loved the potatoes there when I was a kid, in the 1970’s. Also, the recipe for black bean soup from restaurants inside Burdines, in Sarasota Florida.

    • Nancy

      They were dropped in boiling rosin for a period of time and served with a maître d butter.

      • dawn lorenty

        Thanks so much. I must have been around 5 years old when we frequented the restaurant. When I was told we were eating tar potatoes I wasn’t sure if my parents were teasing me. I was too young to understand. After all of these years, I finally have an answer. Thank you.

    • Nancy

      The steak was a flank steak, or a skirt steak, marinated in Italian dressing (Kraft).

  132. Phyllis St Onge

    I would love the recipe for citrus chicken from the Trident Restaurant in Sausalito, CA. They had 2 chicken dinners served in ceramic pots with covers. The citrus was savory and delicious. I am still dreaming about that recipe 30+ years later!!

    • Julie Thompson

      OMG! I’m a San Jose native and spent many wonderful weekends in Sausalito. I remember The Trident’s chicken specialties. Also, I really miss the Trade Fair (old paddle boat gift shop) and the wonderful Village Faire shopping experience…All gone, but will never be forgotten. I’m on the hunt for your recipe and will post if I find it! Julie

  133. Elizabeth M. Hiteshew

    Google referred me to your site when I looked for the vichyssoise soup recipe from the Maramor restaurant. This recipe was in The Toll House Restaurant Cookbook, published in the 1930’s or 40’s by the inventor of the toll house cookie. The vichyssoise recipe was one of the first recipes I made as a young teenager. My mother gave me full run of the kitchen and it was a thrill. I’ve been cooking and loving it ever since. Thanks for your web site and good luck on your project!

    • Anonymous

      This uses carrots and rice but no potatoes or leeks. Serves 6. Ingredients: 5-1/2 C. Carrots thinly sliced, 4C. Chicken broth, 3Tbl raw rice, 1 pint each whole milk and light cream, 1 tsp onion juice, 3/8 tsp mace, 2 bay leaves, 3 drops Tabasco, 1/4 tsp Worcestershire. Instructions: Combine carrots, broth and rice and cook at slow boil 25-30 mins, stirring occasionally. Cool, purée and sieve. Add water if necessary to make 1qt of purée. Combine milk, cream and seasonings and heat to just below a boil. Let cool, remove bay leaves. Add to carrot purée and chill before serving. Garnish with chopped chives. I got the recipe on this site somewhere. Enjoy, all!

  134. Jann

    I have been searching many years for the recipe from Wanamaker’s Crystal Tea Room for their tea sandwiches.

    Some of my fondest memories from the 50’s and 60’s were going there with my grandmother for shopping followed by late afternoon tea.


    • There’s a new book coming out in bookstores next week on Wanamaker’s history called WANAMAKER’S: MEET ME AT THE EAGLE by Michael Lisicky. If Michael doesn’t have those recipes in his book, he might very well know where you could find them. Here is a short review of the book.

  135. Susan Shmalo

    Maramor in Columbus, Ohio, had the best Floating Island dessert. Does anyone have that delicious recipe that Maramor used? I dined at this fantastic restaurant with my parents and a wonderful aunt or on special dates when I was a student at Ohio State back in the 1960s.

  136. henri gilbert

    I have most of the recipes for Mary Elizabeth’s…My father was the last owner, a Frenchman husband to the daughter of Martha one of the original owner’s. A book is in the works if I can find a publisher or anyone interested in Mary Elizabeth’s history and recipes…

    • Janice

      If you ever get your Book Published I would be the first to buy it. Do you have the recipe for Mary Elizabeth’s Oatmeal Cookies?

  137. You have a sensational site. Is is possible to get Sweet’s gray sole recipe? I know they used 3,000 pounds of butter a week. Thanks so much.

  138. Kathy

    We used to have a popular chain of pizza houses in Seattle called “Pizza Pete’s” – they had the best house itailian salad dressing ever – does anyone know what it was? or houw to make it?

  139. Nancy Rosman

    I would love to have the fried chicken recipes from two long gone chicago restaurants–one is the Forum Cafeteria and the other is Mandas the Chicken King. Both made fabulous chicken!

  140. Hi again Jan. I made the Brown Derby’s Hamburger De Luxe recipe and it was so very delicious! I wrote about it on my blog, if any of your readers would like to visit:

  141. Kirsten Parris

    Hello. Would anyone have the recipe for the Union’s pecan pie. I used to go to one of the restaurant’s in the store in the 60s and treat myself to a pice of their pecan pie. I have never found a piece of pecan pie to match theirs. If anyone has the recipe, I would appreciate getting it. Thanks!

  142. I came across your wonderful blog site while looking for pictures of Tarello’s restaurant. I have been cooking the recipes found in the Ford Treasury cookbooks and writing about them on my blog site. I recently tried Spaghetti a la Rustica and it was marvelous!

    I included your website address in my blog for my readers to explore. I welcome anyone would like to visit my blog site to read about the recipes I have made from The Ford Treasury cookbooks.

    • I took a look at this blog and I like it. The recipes are nicely detailed and her writing style is appealing. In between recipes you can read about the mystery surrounding the death of Natalie Wood. — Jan

  143. Please try to find SWEET’S recipe for its amazing grey sole — people waited around the block for it. I know they bought 3,000 pounds of butter a week.
    What a wonderful web site you have. Thank you so much.

  144. Would love to find the recipe for Stouffer’s Restaurants’ corn muffins. We enjoyed these during the early ’70s at the Cleveland locations.

    • Janice

      This recipe is from The Stouffer Cookbook of Great American Food and Drink, 1973.
      Double Corn Muffins

      1/2 cup all-purpose flour
      3 Tablespoons sugar
      2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder
      3/4 teaspoon salt
      1 cup yellow cornmeal
      1 12-oz. pkg Frozen Corn Souffle, defrosted
      3/4 cup milk
      2 Tablespoons melted butter

      1. Preheat over to 400 degrees.
      2. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a mixing bowl. Stir in cornmeal.
      3. In small mixing bowl, blend Corn Souffle, milk and melted butter.
      Add Corn Souffle mixture to dry ingredients. Stir with fork just until thoroughly moistened. Do not beat.
      5. Fill greased muffin tins 2/3 full.
      6. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

  145. benbes

    I wonder if people still use these old recipes, it is very natural and real cooking, I love the petite marmite recipe. Thank you for posting these rare images.
    oster bread machine recipes

  146. diana anderson


  147. Thanks for posting the recipe by Miss Dutton. She was a friend of my grandmother. Do you have a copy of that pamphlet of her recipes? I have just a piece of it and would like to see the rest if you could scan it.

    I have put the recipe that I have and a reader contributed one she had. Miss Dutton was an amazing person. I used to watch her “network” with the businessmen who came to lunch. She ran the Providence Plantation Club dining room too!

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