A note

After reading several stories about AI-generated writing today, I decided to add this note to my page titled “My Project.”

My blog is written entirely by a human, me, and is meant for human readers, you. AI bots are not welcome. It is based on books and articles written by humans. I do not merely try to report facts accurately. I also evaluate and interpret facts, opinions, errors, lies, motives, and all the other messy aspects involved in human communication. Plus, being human, I have my own point of view shaped by my experiences, my values, and my blindspots. Welcome, humans!

[painting by Juan Gris, 1917]


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14 responses to “A note

  1. Sally Moore Goldman

    I only want to read human written blogs and I am totally opposed to A1. Thanks for informing us.

  2. AI is the scariest thing ever. ________________________________

  3. Hi, Jan – I’m not a bot either, and I just wanted to let you know, from one human to another, that I appreciate your blog 🙂 And, I bet other humans do, too! While it seems rather “niche”, most people enjoy restaurants, so the articles are actually of general interest. Thanks again for your reading, writing, and thoughtful insights.

  4. Norman Cowie

    Well said!

  5. stash0022

    Love your site and your posts! They’re very informative and have a personal style of writing which I very much appreciate!
    Keep on Girl!

  6. Michael Bellesiles

    Yeah for humans. We still have our uses. Thanks for all you do.

  7. MJ Mayes

    That’s what we admire about you Jan. No artificial ingredients.

  8. Heberlingj

    I love this blog. I may be naive, but it has always struck me as too entertaining NOT to have been written by a hooman bean. Thanks for doing this!

  9. Absolutely! Thanks Jan for all your research and interesting articles! I love them!!

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